MPLS show: Solid Gold, Military Special @ Uptown Bar

l_2389e0161fb441f4abfd15a582a3158eWednesday is a good night for cheap entry fees and cheap drinks. Come over to the Uptown Bar tonight to check out a nigth of the best electro-rock that Minneapolis has to offer; local up-and-coming crowd-pleasers Solid Gold will be headlining the event (with live and dj sets), and Military Special will provide support. The music starts at 9:30!

Solid Gold is coming off a recent packed house show at the Turf Club that had the entire audience moving, and they’ve got a higher profile gig scheduled next week opening for Tape ‘N’ Tapes in the First Ave. mainroom, so this is so good chance to catch them amped up and playing their spacy psychedelic electro pop-rock in their natural setting. For now, check out their bliss at their MySpace and watch Above the Fold‘s video recording of their breakout, “Get Over It”, at the Turf Club on January 16th.

I HIGHLY recommend click on the button in the lower right hand corner for High Quality!

2 Responses to “MPLS show: Solid Gold, Military Special @ Uptown Bar”

  1. ericbandloveaffair Says:

    I saw these guys on new years at The Loft and they stole the show, I’d definitely recommend seeing them. They play with Tapes ‘N Tapes at First Ave. on February 6th too.

  2. […] Special @ the Uptown Bar Solid Gold and Military Special played to another full venue on January 28th, 2009 at the Uptown Bar in Minneapolis. Enjoy these […]

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