Second Supper Issue 147, Hollywood Dreams 

second-supper-147-cover In this issue of the Second Supper we explore the lights and glamour of the movies in Hollywood. In this issue you will find of course the usual articles (Top 7, Social Networking, College Sucks & Y Marks the Spot), but you will also find articles that have to do with movies because the people at the Second Supper know you love them.

The first movie related article you will notice is the movie quote quiz. I must admit that some of these are actually pretty tough, I went through them and could only get a few of them at first glance. Amber Miller also makes a great point about which gender’s skin you tend to see more in movies, and she takes a pretty in depth look at the issue. There is also an interview with Joan Juster an independent film maker from San Francisco (director and producer of Alaska Far Away) about the content of her movie as well as the process of making it. You can also read an overview of the Frozen River Film Festival by Adam Bissen.

Be sure to also look towards the back of the issue because you will also get your normal assortment of crossword puzzles, reviews, comics and mazes. Another quality issue from the quality alternative newspaper from the Coulee Region area. To read this issue and past issues of the Second Supper go to or check them out at


2 Responses to “Second Supper Issue 147, Hollywood Dreams 

  1. that’s sweet that you guys have a review of the new Fucked Up on your site! how’s the job been so far timmy?

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