Review: Evidence, The Purple Tape Instrumentals

purple-tape You have all been hearing me talk about Evidence non-stop for what seems like the last 6 months. Everything that I have been discussing however has been about his emcee game, not his producing skills. I have to tell you that Evidence is one hell of a producer. I also have to let you know that I absolutely love beat tapes, so this one hits really close to home. I haven’t really listened to the Red or Yellow Tape Instrumentals for awhile, so I didn’t really know what to expect.

The album starts out with a track called “Take U Back”. The beat has a nice little sample flip and some hard hitting drums with your occasional guitar loop. It’s a great way to kick off the beat tape (not to mention the track has an intro almost as if a movie were beginning) and it hooked me right away. “Lost Cause” is one of those totally infectious beats, and it reminds me of a track that s0meone by the likes of Dr. Dre would spit over. This is another track that I could easily see being in a movie score. To be honest to me I kind of felt like I was listening to a movie score from beginning to end. This album is great quality and a great testament to EV’s production skills. I would love to hear emcees spitting over every single one of these beats. The song “Hour Glass” is truly a beautiful beat at the very least, and in my opinion might be the highlight of the beat tape.

The Purple Tape Instrumentals is a great supplement to follow up it’s predecessors (Red Tape & Yellow Tape Instrumentals) with 20 straight bangin’ beats, and I highly suggest that you go out and grab this if you are an Evidence fan because these are some great beats. Some of them are actually very simple beats, but the way they are arranged makes them very enjoyable.



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