Mind Inversion Exclusive Q & A with Tapes ‘n Tapes

Between touring and recording, Tapes ‘n Tapes have been going seemingly non-stop for quite some time. Recent activity has included releasing their sophomore album Walk It Off to huge commercial success in 2008 and playing a string of international and homeland dates soon after, as well. The hard work is paying off though, with the band playing to sold out crowds across the nation on their current tour. Before they stepped onto the stage at First Avenue in Minneapolis Friday night they guys took some time out of their schedule to answer a few questions for Mind Inversion.


Mind InversionSo the tour is in full swing and you guys are currently on the west coast before heading back to the midwest, how has everything been going? Crowds been good? Venues interesting? Weather?!

Tapes ‘N Tapes: Everything’s been going great!  Compared to previous tours, there has been way less physical and mental abuse. But seriously, we’ve been having a great time. The crowds have wonderful, and we’ve been in exploring some new cities on this tour.  It’s always nice to play in new places, and we’ve got a bunch more coming up. The weather has been a welcome break from the subzero temps in Minnesota.  It was sunny and 58 in Boulder on the 3rd day of tour. It kind of blew my mind after it had been 17 below the morning we left for tour.

MIHeading back to the midwest, and specifically to Minneapolis, is there a different approach you guys have going into these hometown shows? Any different expectations?

TNT: I don’t have any different approach to playing in Minneapolis. I am excited to finally be playing in town during the middle of a tour. It seems like we always play either at the beginning of tour or while we’re not touring.  Either way, we always have a lot of fun playing at home in front of our friends, family, and the hometown crowd.  I don’t think I have different expectations for a Minneapolis show than any other show. I think every night we expect to have a great time playing together. It’s sounds cheesy, I know, but it’s the truth.

MIDid growing up in the midwest, whether it be the culture/weather/lakes, effect your music or your song-writing?

TNT: I actually grew up in Oregon. But I think living in the midwest has effected my song writing. Mostly I’m effected by the weather.  The winter is so long and dark, that I definitely get some serious cabin fever, which I’m sure bleeds over into my song writing a bit. There’s a lot of time to think about music when it’s dark and cold, and I don’t really want to go outside.

MISo this is your second stint of touring in support of Walk It Off, including a run of international dates. What’s the deal with all the running around? All work and no play play makes jack a dull boy, ha.

TNT: We were pretty busy for the first half of 2008 with touring. But we actually took the fall off from touring and enjoyed ourselves.  It was a great. Lots of football and general relaxation. We even found some time to start working on new songs. But in general, we do like to tour, so we try and get out a when we can.  Tour ends up being a nice combination of work and play, ya know?

MIFor this tour you have been doing a video diary on youtube. Other bands have been creating sorts of multi-media projects like this as well, do you guys see these interactive and more fan involved projects like this as the future of album releases and touring?

TNT: That’s a good question. We mostly thought that keeping a video tour diary would be fun (and it’s a nice memento of the tour). It also let’s folks glimpse into the “wild and crazy” ways of “life on the road”. Mostly, we just like to share what we’re up to with anybody who is interested, and the video diary seemed like a good way to do that.  The more that we can share the fun we’re having with other folks, the better.

MIYou’ve recently released some remixes of Dirty Dirty, how do you guys feel about the remix scene. As a great way for producers/dj get well deserved publicity, or as the downfall of music at the hands of goofy named kids on their computers?

TNT: Hmmmm…that’s another good question. I guess I haven’t ever really thought of remixes like that. I think of remixes as a reinterpretation of the song. And if it’s good, the dj/producer should be get good publicity for it. It’s just a different way of making music. I’m a proponent of trying out new things, so I think I’d feel hypocritical if I was knocking on people for making music in different ways.

MI: Lastly, What’s been on repeat on the bus lately?

TNT: It always depends on whose driving the van, because they get to pick the music (and we generally all have different things we want to listen to).  But a few recent highlights have been, gilberto gil, neil young, animal collective, the walkmen, lil wayne, brad mehldau, white denim, and a wide assortment of classic rock hits from the 70’s and 80’s.

I’d just like to thank to Tapes ‘N Tapes again for indulging me in all things music, good luck the rest of the way guys!
Check out more pictures and a review from the concert HERE



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  2. sweet, they were right, those were pretty good questions!

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