Video: Skeletonwitch takes over this weeks’ edition of Metal Injection’s The FiX

One of the best band’s to emerge from the new wave of thrash renaissance that began a few years ago is Skeletonwitch. Their riffage is some of the grittiest and most addictive thrash that I’ve heard put to file, their trademark blackened, snarled vocal style is extremely refreshing, and not to forget that they just plain fucking rock! In this edition of the weekly videocast from our favorite online metal TV station, Metal Injection, Rob’s set is taken over by the jokesters from Skeletonwitch as they play their favorite music videos of all time, play some videos from their recent NYC show, and just perform a variety of other shenanigans. Watch the whole video from some great interviews, a super thashtastic live video of Skeletonwitch’s “Beneath the Permafrost”, and killer live videos from Pantera, Danzig, Immortal, Emperor, and more.

VIEW: Metal Injection, The FiX (episode 13; featuring Skeletonwitch)

Keep reading for direct links to 3 more stellar live videos that Metal Injection filmed and edited from their NY show!

Additional live Skeletonwitch videos in NYC:

The Remains of the Defeated
Sacrifice for the Slaughtered
Tragedy of Days


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