New Audio: Camera Obscura, “My Maudlin Career”

“I just want a good tune and a melody, and if somebody says it’s good, I guess I get a lot from that” remarks Camera Obscura’s Tracyanne Campbell in an interview for Under the Radar magazine. The first track from their highly anticipated release on 4AD records, due out April 20th, was released on the band’s website earlier today, and I’m happy to report that  it’s exactly what Campbell aimed for. It’s a good tune, nothing mesmerizing or great, but a very good tune. The melody  is there, though often muffled by the airy guitar and echoing snare hits.

“I don’t think it will be much different, I don’t think we’re the kind of band that will all of a sudden start doing wacky things like dance tracks. We do what we do. We’re five or six people, and we play the instruments that we play, and sometimes we’ll bring folks in to play the things that we can’t” – Tracyanne Campbell

It’s definitely not a deviation from any Camera Obscura release in the past, which gives me high hopes for their upcoming album, entitled My Maudlin Career also. The emotion is still there too, the lyrics are great and the way the song is arranged, much like their other material, the happiness of the music itself is juxtaposed against somewhat pessimistic lyrics. I have to say though, the piano keys are very catchy, and a terrific addition to the track.


mp3: Camera Obscura – “My Maudin Career” (link to their site, you have to fill in an e-mail address to get it)

Dig Deeper: Myspace Official Wiki


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