Video: Dilla Keeps Shining (Jay Dee Tribute)

I’m really glad that Hip Hop Official had this video up. I actually used a clip of this video last year when I gave a speech on Dilla, I think the clip I used was roughly a 30 second summary of this one. This video has names like Pharoahe Monch, Phife Dawg (of Tribe Called Quest) & Talib Kweli. These guys are all talking about their feelings on Jay Dee’s music. Talib tells a great story about Dilla and the Grammys. Apparently The Roots were nominated for a Grammy on a track that Dilla produced, when Kweli said something to Dilla he didn’t pay it any mind, he just kept making beats. This video has some of the best names in emceeing all talking about how Dilla changed the production game. This is a great video tribute for a great man.


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