Ozzfest is officially over, but who really cares?

Ozzfest, Rest In Pain

As Blabbermouth reports today, Ozzy’s too busy with his shitty new reality show and half-assed music to put on another Ozzfest this year, but we don’t really need his shitty festival anyway!

Ozzfest has had its time in the sun, and after a year of hard economic times it’s not surprising that an expensive touring package of this kind would have a hard time succeeding unless it’s extremely well put together. Although I admittedly have not been to the show since 2001, I have heard many rumors that the recent experience was not nearly up to par with what I experienced and certainly not comparable to the shows’ glory days of the mid 90s.

For what my money’s worth, I would much rather go to a great destination festival of the traditional European variety. As MetalSucks reminds us, many new underground metal festivals of this kind have been popping up all over the United States during the last several years, and now many are getting quite reputtable lineups. Examples include New England’s Metal and Hardcore Festival, California Metalfest, Maryland Deathfest, Texas Metal Up Your Ass, LA Murderfest, Atlanta’s Scion Rock Fest, and even Milwaukee’s Robot Mosh Fest. With the high number of brilliant package tours being lined up as well, who really needs a bloated, commercialized Ozz-o-rama on wheels? Not me, and surely not most metalheads.

For those still craving the Ozzfest format, don’t worry! The Rockstar Energy sponsored Mayhem festival tour looks like its getting more success than ever. From the looks of their recent lineup additions for this summers tour, it will be worth every penny that you’ll pay, whether you agree with the shows corporate nature or not.


2 Responses to “Ozzfest is officially over, but who really cares?”

  1. this is the second big festival to cancel this year. kind of sad actually. it’s a shame that so much depends on advertising and that this kind of stuff has to happen. as long as P4k fest and Soundset make it i’ll be happy, ha.

  2. wow, seriously? I thought ozzy died like five years ago.

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