Stephen Malkmus Interview with Pitchfork

sm The genius behind the highly influential band Pavement Stephen Malkmus sat down with an interview with Pitchfork Media recently. I can’t tell you how much I absolutely love this man’s music. He is my favorite musician in the Rock world, and this guy is one of the most genius human beings I have ever had a pleasure of listening to. I constantly say that I don’t listen to rock music a great deal; I will always listen to Pavement. Pavement is long and gone though, and now Malkmus is with a new group called the Jicks. They put out and album last year entitled Real Emotional Trash. I thought the album was great and the dynamic is definitely there, not to mention Malkmus’ guitar is the best it’s ever been. Being a huge Pavement fan, I don’t know if anything he does can compare to the Slanted & Enchanted days. Pavement is a stamp in 90’s rock history. It’s shocking to think that 2009 celebrates the 20th anniversary of Pavement’s existence.

In the interview Malkmus did with Pitchfork and to be honest there is a lot of talk about Pavement in the interview. Many of the questions that are asked during the interview pertain to how he approaches music now, as compared to the Pavement days. This is a great fucking article and a lengthy read if you love Malkmus or Pavement. There’s a great deal about the album Brighten the Corners because it was Pavement’s fourth album, the Jicks’ new album was also their fourth. It’s great to hear Malkmus talking about Pavement again, and it’s great to hear some insight from one of the greatest voices of the present.

You can read the original article here.


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