Talib Kweli Speaks: Reflection Eternal Before Summer, New Liberation?


Talib Kweli recently did an interview with KevinNottingham.com about current projects and things with his label Blacksmith. It sounds like the next year is jam packed for the god emcee from Brooklyn. I am excited to hear that Kweli has been in Cincinatti with Hi-Tek working hard in the studio on the new Reflection Eternal album, which they hope to release before summer. Talib metnioned that the new Black Star that I was hoping for will not be released this year, but I’m sure we can look forward to that in the future. Talib also mentione there there is a possibility of another Liberation album with Madlib.

All of the previously mentioned information makes me very anctious to hear what Talib has in store for us. Like I’ve said before the original the Reflection Eternal album pretty much changed the way that I listened to music, who knows what this one will do. It sounds like it could be an amazing year for this man and my guess is it will be. You know as soon as I have any updates I will keep you posted right away.


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