Video: Burnt By the Sun first studio recording sessions for final album

We were on the ball in reporting this a few months ago, but if you missed it, there’s a newsflash: Burnt By the Sun has reunited to record one final album! Apparently, after Dave Witte and Mike Olender heard some of the material that Jon Adubato and Ted Patterson had been recording after they left, they were simply compelled to rejoin with them and make one last record together. Witte has been having great success playing drums for the incredible Municipal Waste during the last few years, and it’s not like he really needed to go back to BBTS. So, with that in mind, I’m predicting that this is some of BBTS’s most incredible material to date. Right now, this world needs more BBTS, and I’m hoping that their final album, Heart of Darkness, will help earn and solidify the prestigious place in the history of hardcore and metal that they rightly deserve.

Keep reading below to watch their web video featuring interviews with Witte and Olender and the studio recording of the song the sparked the reunion, “Goliath”:


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