New Audio: High Places – “Anyango”

A good start to a friday, if I’ve ever had one. A new High Places track from their upcoming album Thank You Very Quickly was released this morning, delighting listeners of their amazing afro-american infusion music. I’ve been digging tunes like this lately, whether it’s Very Best, El Guincho, or The Ruby Suns, I’ve been loving worldy influenced music. “Anyango” delivers a strong punch, and is a great start to their new album. Funky bass lines and amazing drumming heavily influenced by the African members of the group, “Anyango” is definietly worth checkign out if you haven’t heard anything by High Places yet. Enjoy and happy friday!


MP3: High Places – “Anyango”


2 Responses to “New Audio: High Places – “Anyango””

  1. Wow, what a different sound from their older stuff. Pretty cool.

  2. FYI – that track is by EXTRA GOLDEN, not High Places. Same label, different band.

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