Brutal Truth debut “Evolution Through Revolution” from first full length in a decade

Brutal Truth, the reunited, extremely influential NYC grindcore band featuring Dan Lilker (Anthrax, Nuclear Assault, S.O.D.), has updated the world on their whereabouts  and posted the first taste of music from their new full-length album Evolution Through Revolution, their first album in over 10 years! Brutal FUCKING Truth is right! The title track they posted at their MySpace is some whoooaa-sooo heavy brutal deathgrind that is aided by their matured outlook and the production updates of the new millenium. Holy headbanger, these riffs are sweet! Anyone who’s remotely into metal or punk should tune in for a lesson on where grindcore is about to evolve to when Brutal  Truth releases this album on April 14th. This is an album to look out for!

Listen: “Evolution Through Revolution” (from Evolution Through Revolution, in stores 04/14/09)


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