New Audio: Friendly Fires, “Skeleton Boy” (Air France Remix)

So this was pretty much amazing news for today. Two of my favorite new bands that I discovered in 2008 getting together for the forthcoming Skeleton Boy 12″ due out March 3rd here in the US. Friendly Fires have been hot on the remix trail, with their Aeroplane remix for Skeleton Boy also getting tons of play lately. Which is a great thing, hopefully it’s turning people onto their amazing self-titled debut and the group gains more and more momentum heading into their sophomore release. Lending a hand to “Skeleton Boy” this time is Air France, the outstanding and dreamy Swedish pop duo. Their 2008 release, No Way Down, took a long time to hit the states, but when it finally did it was extremely well received. Filled with massive landscapes and sprawling synths, the vocally sampled album is still on repeat on my iPod.

Don't worry, these boys don't burn

Don't worry, these boys don't burn

The result of this two greats is well… great, of course. Air France completely takes the song over and makes it totally its own. Added are the airy spaces that Air France is so fine at crafting, taken away are the Cut Copy like 80’s new wave bass lines. So yeah, it’s a really fun track, and definitely a great takeover for Air France, holding me over ever slightly until their next album. Enjoy!

MP3: Friendly Fires – “Skeleton Boy” (Air France Remix)


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