Cage to Offer a Slew of Material


Cage standing in front of the very Mental Hospital he was once incarcerated in.

It appears as though your favorite wierdo indie Hip-Hop emcee, Cage,  is going to be dropping a wealth of material in the months to come. His follow up to 2005’s classic Hell’s Winter, Depart From Me is dropping on June 30th via Def Jux. You may say, “Wow Tim… That’s a hell of a long time to wait for another album from Cage.” My answer to that statement is, “Well thank god for all of us, he is going to be dropping an EP this spring.”

The EP is going to be called I Never Knew You and it is going to contain seven tracks. Of course, Shia LaBeouf will be directing the video for the EP’s title track. As some of you may recall, Shia & Cage are supposed to be working on a biopic of Cage’s life. I’ve been looking all over for updates on the movie because Cage has had one of the craziest lives that you could ever imagine.

I can personally tell you that Depart From Me is a release that I have been itching for the last couple of years. Hell’s Winter was an instant classic and I think Cage is one of the most talented individuals on the Def Jux roster. By the way things look, Cage could dominate 2009. Make sure you watch out for this material because it is sure to please, and of course watch for the review at Mind Inversion once the material is out.  Also, if you didn’t already check my man Erik’s post of the lead single “Nothing Left To Say”, which was produced by El-Producto, here.


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