Brother Ali “Speaks the Truth” to Hip Hop DX

brother-ali-2Ever since Brother Ali dropped his 2007 effort (not to mention modern day classic), The Undisputed Truth he has been one busy ass dude. He’s been touring all the time, and now he is getting ready to drop an EP next month entitled The Truth is Here. Recently the fine folks over at Hip Hop DX sat down with the man himself for an interview, and to be quite frank it’s one of the best in depth and personal interviews I’ve read in a long time. There are a lot of issues that I never knew about that he discusses in this interview.

The interview starts out with Ali’s views on his fellow peer and mentor KRS-One’s feelings about Barack Obama. He also sounds off on how Verizon wouldn’t let him tour with Gym Class Heroes because of his “Uncle Sam Goddamn” video. I also had no idea that the Department of Homeland Security froze the Rhymesayers bank account when Ali was overseas in Australia. Apparently when the DHS froze the bank account, Ali and his crew had to register their social security numbers, addresses and even tell them why they were there. It’s funny that Ali really isn’t that political of a rapper, but even he agrees that he has been getting the Chuck D Treatment. You can also read about how the plans are progressing for Ali’s new album (sounds ridiculous) that drops next year.

All in all this is a great interview. This article skews a lot of different aspects in Brother Ali’s life and it is very in depth. Make sure you go out and get The Truth is Here next month when it drops, it promises to be some incredible material.

You can read the original Hip Hop DX interview here.


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