Disfear incite “Fear and Trembling” with new track

Sweden’s long-running D-beat hardcore devotees in Disfear have recently posted the brand new track, “Fear And Trembling”, for listening at the band’s MySpace: MySpace.com/Disfear. This track is the first public release they’ve made from their recent highly anticipated split 7” release with Doomriders that recently became available. As I hoped, “Fear and Trembling” is the perfect introduction for anyone who has not heard this incredible band yet.

It’s a much longer track than you’re used to hearing in hardcore, and the driving rhythm and galloping riffage quickly makes you lose sight of this. It’s an anthemic gem, bristling with power and gaining steam as each verse sets loose into its own vicious chorus. During the brief interlude, the dense atmosphere that Disfear creates is lifted, and the never-ending beat is stripped down and given some breathing room in the spotlight. Not for long, as the madness quickly creeps back in dissolving the surroundings back into the unforgiving sickness..

LISTEN: “Fear and Trembling” (from Disfear/Doomriders split, 2009)


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