Thank You, Michael Cera

arresteddevelopment-full1 Well it looks like the movie gods are shining down on me (and all of you Arrested Development fans) today. I went to my nifty Digg RSS feed, and saw the article titled “Michael Cera Says Yes To Arrested Develpoment Movie!!! Finally!” and yes, all of the exclamation points are a total necessity. There was a period of time where Michael Cera was saying that he didn’t want to do an Arrested Development movie at all. He was quoted as saying “I don’t think I would want to see a movie of the series if I was a fan, anyway. And I don’t really see a need for it if you can get the three seasons on DVD.” I don’t have a direct quote from an article because I can’t find one that old, but I read that exact quote numerous times.

All I can tell you is that this might have been the most joyous moment I’ve experienced in the last few years. I’ve been missing the Bluth family like crazy – don’t get me wrong the DVD’s are great, but I need something new. The Bluth family saw their demise from television far too early. I truly believe that Arrested Development is the best sitcom of all time (not Seinfeld). The humor that was on this show was far ahead of its time and I personally don’t think there has been a show as funny since. I need something to fill that Arrested Development void, and I feel as though this may be it.

I can’t wait to see Michael putting up with the whole family again, Buster “the one armed man” hanging out with mother, Tobias Funke (The world’s first Analrapist) making those genuinely subconscious homophobic sexual innuendos  like he always does, George Michael crushing on Maebe, & most of all Gob Bluth screwing up his magic tricks and life on a regular basis. The good part is that I know it’s coming to the big screen, now all I have to do is wait…

Here is a funny video of Michael Cera flippin out like a 15 year old:


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