The Second Supper Issue 151, Cabin Fever

second-supper-151 Sorry that my posts on the Second Supper are tardy folks, things on the blog as well as in my life have been crazy as of late. Needless to say I am back with a post about last week’s issue (issue 151), Cabin Fever. This issue holds especially true to all of us here at Mind Inversion because naturally we are all from the Midwest. All of us here know what it’s like to be cooped up in doors during the entirety of winter, and not being able to rejoice until March. All of the articles in the paper have to do with snow and winter activities.

Sadly after the Cabin Fever issue we will no longer read the great words of Maria Pint. This is her last issue, and I highly suggest you check out her goodbye, it’s very good. Ben Clark writes up an interesting article on the always interesting sport of Broomball. He also discusses the league for Broomball that we have in La Crosse. Amber Miller writes about her favorite activity in the winter (Tai Chi) and what she does to get out of the house. Briana Rupel writes up an article on her bowling league (which by the way has the best title ever, (Fuck it, Dude, Let’s Go Bowling) and her experiences in it. Last but not least Emily Faeth has an article about the Polar Plunge in La Crosse. She also provides a nice amount of insight and history on the event that raises a lot of money for a good reason every year.

All in all this is a great issue. It makes me feel good that spring is right around the corner (knock on wood), and the folks at the Second Supper can sympathize with what I’ve been going through. As I said we are going to be saying goodbye to Maria Pint (You will be missed), and we here at Mind Inversion wish her the best of luck in all of her future endeavours. Make sure you get over to the Second Supper website to check out the new issue.


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