The Second Supper Issue 152, The Sight Issue

second-supper-152 Well I must say that I’m glad that I can see this cover because it’s badass. All of the articles in this week’s Second Supper issue are dedicated to the topic of sight, and boy are there some interesting articles at that. This issue really makes me realize that the sense of sight may in fact, be the most important sense that our body has.  Briana Rupel tries to go an entire day without any sight at all by tying a bandanna over her eyes. This proves to be a much more task that Bri had even imagined. Ben Clark writes up a nice article in “Smock Talk” about the insanely complex process that our eyes go through in the sense of sight.

The most interesting and touching article in this paper though, is a write-up by Adam Bissen on a La Crosse native named Steve Johnson. Steve is 45 years old and he has lived half of his life with sight, and half of it without sight. The crazy thing is that he lives a more active lifestyle now (without sight), than he did when he had 100% of his vision. He does many of the things that he used to do when he had vision and to be honest he lives a completely normal life. It is truly one of the most interesting articles I’ve ever read, it had me in utter bewilderment.

Thrown in of course are your assortment of favorites (Top Seven, Social Networking & of course reviews) that pertain to the sense of sight, and the usual material that you are used to. So put your head on straight and “look at” your weekly dose of Second Supper.


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