Far signs a deal with Vagrant for ‘return’ fifth album

Just a quick update for all of you who have been waiting for news since I posted that Far had reunited. Jonah, Shaun, Chris, and John have now announced that they’ve signed a deal with the reputtable Vagrant recording label. Also, accompanying this announcement was the great news that the band’s fifth long-player will be ready for public ears by the spring, the Southern Cali band’s first album in 12 years! From what I understand, Far had been looking to return to the edgier post-hardcore sound that they enjoyed on Tins Cans.. and their earlier albums. After watching Jonah dabble in the softer side of folk and emo for the last decade, it should be riveting to see him really rocking again. Here’s the word from Jonah:

“We had no idea all this would happen. We were just planning on getting to know each other again and playing a few shows, in between everything else we’ve got going on. But now, all of a sudden, the songs are coming, and it feels really good. All we’ve ever promised as people and as a band is that whatever we put out, whenever we come around, we’re gonna mean it.”

www.thebandfar.com | myspace.com/far


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