FREE sampler: Deathwish/Malfunction/Six Feet Under team up for stellar MMIX of modern hardcore

MMIXDeathwish Inc. continues its trend of being the only hardcore label worth paying attention to; this month they’ve teamed up with the Malfunction and Six Feet Under labels to bring their early 2009 sampler of the best active talent on their roster. In addition to tracks from recently released albums by Trap Them, Victims, Supermachiner, and Carpathian, we’re treated to completely new songs from the likes of the legendary Hope Conspiracy (from their forthcoming True Nilihist EP), Pulling Teeth, Coliseum, Integrity, Narrows, Resurrection, and J. Bannon himself. Plus, there’s many more contributions, including some crazy 4o-sec. Doomriders cover of what sounds to be White Zombie’s “Thunderkiss ’65” that bluntly questions “Do You Like to Slam Dance?”.. Well, since you asked, hell yes!  Why don’t more record labels do this type of thing on a regular basis?

Keep reading for the complete tracklist and the FREE download link…

1. “In The Shadow Of God” – The Hope Conspiracy
2. “Chambered” – Narrows
3. “Nightcrawlers” – Lewd Acts
4. “Last Wave” – Coliseum
5. “Breaking Out” – Victims
6. “Slipping Away” – Reign Supreme
7. “Flesh and Below” – Trap Them
8. “Lies” – Nails
9. “Coyotenia” – Rot in Hell
10. “Divide” – Mother of Mercy
11. “Spirals” – Carpathian
12. “Forever Is Destroyed” – 108
13. “Culture” – Ressurection
14. “Walter Miller Jr.” – End of a Year
15. “Do You Like To Slam Dance?” – Doomriders
16. “Bloodwolves” – Pulling Teeth
17. “Learn To Love The Lie” – Integrity
18. “Bitter Cold” – Supermachiner
19. “Heavy Blood (Empty Version)” – J. Bannon
Rise and Fall – Making of the Beast Part 2 (video)
Reign Supreme – In the Studio Part 2 (video)

DOWNLOAD: DeathwishSendspaceMediafire


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