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Narrows, the “Gypsy Kids” of post-hardcore

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Narrows may be new kids on the block to the hardcore and metal scene, but the band’s individual members have been paying their dues for a long time. The band features members of Botch, These Arms Are Snakes, Some Girls and more among its ranks, and they have finally put together a music video for “Gypsy Kids” from their debut album New Distances with some handicams, iMovie, and a little bit of elbow grease. Obviously not for the faint of heart or weak-minded, I’d say the combination of sobering artistry, epic heaviness, super awesome guitar production, and extreme brutality showcased on this video verify that they’re a perfect fit for the Deathwish Inc. imprint that this Mind Inversion blogger already respects so much. Watch if you dare!

VIDEO: Narrows, “Gypsy Kids”


FREE sampler: Deathwish/Malfunction/Six Feet Under team up for stellar MMIX of modern hardcore

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MMIXDeathwish Inc. continues its trend of being the only hardcore label worth paying attention to; this month they’ve teamed up with the Malfunction and Six Feet Under labels to bring their early 2009 sampler of the best active talent on their roster. In addition to tracks from recently released albums by Trap Them, Victims, Supermachiner, and Carpathian, we’re treated to completely new songs from the likes of the legendary Hope Conspiracy (from their forthcoming True Nilihist EP), Pulling Teeth, Coliseum, Integrity, Narrows, Resurrection, and J. Bannon himself. Plus, there’s many more contributions, including some crazy 4o-sec. Doomriders cover of what sounds to be White Zombie’s “Thunderkiss ’65” that bluntly questions “Do You Like to Slam Dance?”.. Well, since you asked, hell yes!  Why don’t more record labels do this type of thing on a regular basis?

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Deathwish Inc. releases their fall mixtape (yo!)

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The Jacob Bannon-curated hardcore label Deathwish Inc. has just released their fall digital sampler as a FREE download at their site. Bannon knows what he’s doing, and Deathwish is one of the only remaining labels in hardcore that has been able to still consiste – this is worth your time to give this one a listen!  Artists featured on this mix include Blacklisted, Rise and Fall, Cold World, Narrows, 108, The Carrier, Carpathian, Victims, Killing The Dream, Trap Them, Reign Supreme, Bitter End, Shipwreck a.d., Pulling Teeth and non-deathwish bands United Nations (featuring Converge, Glassjaw, and Thursday members), Lewd Acts, End of A Year, Rot in Hell, and New Lows. There’s even some classic Hope Conspiracy and Supermachiner cuts on here ( anticipation of their forthcoming release..)! When you’ve got the zip downloaded, don’t forget to check out the always spectacular Jake Bannon cover artwork.