Northern Outpost airs new episode featuring The Absent Arch

Northern Outpost is back with their newest episode, and this week they’re in the studio with The Absent Arch. “The Arch” sits down for a brief interview about their band and their passion for the vibrant and productive local music scene in the Twin Cities, and after a few minutes they dive into a tight live performance of their orchestrated yet organic style of heartfelt folk rock.  They only play one soulful new song live for four minutes, but by the time they’re done you can just tell that they’ve got a lot more to sing about. If you haven’t seen The Absent Arch live yet, I recommend that you make it out to their sponsored show at the the Turf Club on April 16th and watch as they execute their craft on stage. For the next episode, Northern Outpost has scheduled an appearance from the praiseworthy MPLS based electro rockers in Military Special who will be hopefully playing some music from their brand new album Civil Union; don’t miss it here, March 27th!


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