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MTV2’s Twin Cities Week continues: Backstage at Soundset 2009; Atmosphere, Brother Ali, P.O.S, Tape ‘N Tapes live and interviewed

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MTV2‘s coverage of the area in Twin Cities Week continues today. A massive video diary of the station’s visit to the Soundset 2009 hip-hop festival and a backyard BBQ with Tapes ‘N Tapes is featured in this round of video offerings..

Vodpod videos no longer available.INTERVIEW VIDEO: Highlights of Sounset 2009 (Part 1 of 8)

The playlist continues after the jump, and area artists Atmosphere, Tapes ‘N Tapes, P.O.S, Brother Ali, and various parts of the city are exposed during interviews and live performances from around the city. It’s a great viewing experience for any local. Enjoy! Continue reading


Concert Recap: Everybell & Whistle, The Tanks, Be Kind To Your Neighbor, Jabberjosh, and Slapping Purses @ Big V’s

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Everybell & Whistle live at Big V's

Among Twin Cities residents, it’s well known that an appreciation for the arts permeates our community to an almost absurd degree compared to Everybell & Whistle live at Big V'smany other cities in this nation. After moving from the smaller community of Winona to the cities four years ago, I began to really realize how much the arts tend to be integrate into the lives of the people in the area.

Truthfully, over half of my coworkers I’ve had since moving here have been playing in an active band while working the day job at FxO. At one point, literally the entire staff was playing music at some capacity!

I’m always psyched when one of them is playing a show for a variety of reasons; not only is it a great excuse for out-of-work co-worker bonding and free drink tickets (wink, wink), it’s an opportunity to support truly independent local music at the venues that deserve it. On Saturday, my bud Jacob (drummer for Everybell and Whistle) was able to coax me into checking out the sweet post-hardcore/math-rock  that he plays in, and so I set out to Big V’s for a night of abrasive noise rock.

Performances came from local dudes in Slapping Purses, Jabberjosh from Kansas, and Iowa’s Be Kind To Your Neighbor The Tanks, and Everybell and Whistle headlined the night. These are some photos that I took while trying to preserve my Flat Earth Cygnus X-1 Porter from the moshpit…

Everybell & Whistle live at Big V's(Everybell and Whistle)

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Earth Crisis concert photos at Station 4 via Degross Punk Photography

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This is the second time I’ve posted about a local punk and hardcore show that was captured by Degross Punk Photography, and there’s something about the vividness of Degross’s photographs that I don’t think I’ll ever get over.

Head over to his blog to view his entire set from the recent Earth Crisis headlined gig with Walls of Jericho, Reign Supreme, Unholy, and Blood Stands Still at Station 4 in St. Paul.

Concert Photo & Video Recap: Gojira, The Chariot, Car Bomb @ Station 4

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Gojira live at Station 4

Normally I would write a review for every show that I attend, but this week I’m just too jam-packed with finals and post-final celebrations to get my head right and properly give praise to the un-fucking-believable Gojira show (w/ The Chariot and Car Bomb) that I saw on Monday. However, for any doubters, I just want to set one thing straight – Gojira fucking rules. Period.

The band is on fire, playing a first-ever headlining tour in North America that finally brings their entire exceptional back catalog to virgin ears in the U.S., and they couldn’t have been playing in finer form then they were this week. If you have been waiting to see Gojira, now’s the time.

Enjoy the photos and videos that I captured throughout the night! I’m seriously surprised I thought to capture anything worthwhile – I’m not gonna lie; I was enthusiastically going apeshit like my 14 year old self at my first Spineshank show the whole time..

VIDEO: Gojira, “Flying Whales (excerpt)” (live at Station 4, 05/11/09)

Gojira live at Station 4(Gojira)

Gojira live at Station 4(Gojira)

Gojira live at Station 4(Gojira)

Gojira live at Station 4(Gojira)

Gojira live at Station 4(Gojira)

Gojira live at Station 4(Gojira)

Gojira live at Station 4(Gojira)

VIDEO: The Chariot, live at Station 4, 05/11/09

Gojira live at Station 4(The Chariot)

The Chariot live at Station 4(The Chariot)

Car Bomb live at Station 4(Car Bomb)

Like usual, I highly recommend that our main page readers click the “read more” link to view the rest of the media from the show. I’ve posted many more photos and a video of “The Art of Dying” that I think captures the power of the night pretty well.  Enjoy!  Continue reading

Sunday Metal Video: The Chariot, “Daggers”

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The Chariot is a band that seems to have gotten the short end of the stick during the last few years. Mostly because he left Norma Jean right before they really started to go downhill, I don’t think Josh Scogin’s The Chariot has ever really gotten the kudos they deserve for the freeform, peerless, raucous punk-n-metal noise that they create. Somehow the crappiness of latter NJ releases unfortunately tended to overshadow the consistenly awesome output that Scogin’s new band contrbuted to the music world, but hopefully some of that will start to change. Landing on the music map somewhere among an array of bands such as Converge, Lightning Bolt, Meshuggah, Sonic Youth, and Drive Like Jehu, I believe The Chariot are a band who have earned the right to be mentioned among the hardcore genre’s modern luminaries for their commitment to purely original and exciting underground punk rock.

The band just released their new album Wars and Rumors of Wars, and I’m hoping that this will finally be the one to grant them their justified notoriety as one of hardcore and metals most independently minded collectives. For a preview, watch their visually stunning new video for “Daggers” below and get a sense of the controlled, epic, experimental chaos that the The Chariot creates. …And local residents take note: tomorrow they’ll be in St. Paul for a show with equally exceptional modern tech/death metal bands Gojira and Car Bomb; don’t miss it!

Disembodied concert photos via Degross Punk Photography

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(Disembodied @ Triple Rock)

I just stumbled upon the page of Degross Punk Photography, a supreme quality photographer based in my own Minneapolis who seems to share a taste for some of the most revered and respectable names in hardcore and punk; I thought it was important to pass along my new knowledge to everyone else, hence this post. Recently, Degross shot at shows for HR (solo show from frontman of Bad Brains) and Destruction/Krisiun at Station 4 (that I also attended), as well as local sets from Agonstic Front, Have Heart, Suicidal Tendencies, The Bronx, Trash Talk, and the brilliant show that a rejuvenated Disembodied put on at the Triple Rock Social Club on Cedar a couple weeks ago. Click the link to go to his blog, and book mark his RSS or something. I’m certain his page will be updated quite frequently as the spring/summer heats up with the future ENR showcases and all other types of madness. Stay tuned!

Watch newly recorded After the Burial pro-shot live video of “Cursing Akenaten” at Station 4

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After the Burial is yet another example of the prime progressive death metal that the Twin Cities is home to these days, and even though 99% of Minneapolitans probably don’t know who they are, there are legions of fans that wait for them to play shows around the globe. With the support of Sumerian Records and a fervent underground of young “deathcore” fans (and, yes, Myspace), After The Burial is one of the few Twin Cities metal bands that have garnered enough acclaim to transition into full-blown 24/7 touring status in the last 10 years. Though they still are kind enough to grace us with a local show every now and again, these days they are proud to be rubbing elbows with names such as Machine Head, Necrophagist, Suffocation, and Dying Fetus and count rising acts such as Suicide Silence and Emmure as good friends. Whatever way you look at it, it seems like After the Burial is poised to be landing some very big tours over the next few years; in unofficial terms, I think you could unofficially christen them as this generation’s ambassadors of MN metal. Better yet, Minnesota’s ambassadors of the breakdown!

If you’ve yet to hear After the Burial and their technical-yet-catchy death metal/hardcore punk hybrid, watch this video of  “Cursing Akenaten” they recorded last month at Station 4 in St. Paul to get acquainted.The dualing guitars on foreign-sounding 8-string lead are undeniably cool, and the young band has an arsenal of twisted breakdowns that were guaranteed to make the hometown crowd move. It’s nearly impossible to get good footage out of Station 4, so I’ll give them big kudos for shooting a high quality (seemingly pro) live video there either way! It gives you an accurate picture of what it’s like to see a show at this venue, and it’s a great representation of their powerful live set. Cheers to the future, guys..

Northern Outpost Ep. 8, The Nina! The Pinta! perform and get interviewed

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The final episode of the debut season from the local Twin Cities-oriented music TV show Northern Outpost is now online, and for this week’s episode they’re in the Owl Recording Studio in Uptown dishing the dirt with The Nina! The Pinta!, a post-hardcore band that I was fortunate enough to personally see last Wednesday at Fucked Up’s Triple Rock show. Among the other bands that opened for F’d Up’s immense set, The Nina! The Pinta!’s punchy, abrasive, post-hardcore clearly stood out. Contrasted against the other openers lo-fi punk, TNTP’s the sounds muscular set were as catchy and danceable as they were dissonant and pissed off. On this episode of Northern Outpost, we get to hear some of their rock n roll and get introduced to the faces behind the music as they talk about how they fit into the local scene, what kinds of shows they find themselves playing, and the band’s motivation continue to play punk rock in front of the local bar crowds. Watch it all unfold below!

Also, if you haven’t heard, Northern Outpost has planned a first season benefit show featuring some of the band’s they’ve featured which will take place at the Hexagon Bar next Saturday at 9pm.  For this completely FREE show, The Absent Arch, Bouncer Fighter, Andy Elwell, and The Yoleus will play live sets while videos from throughout the season are broadcast on the white screen between sets. And for those of you who can’t get enough of these bands, there’ll be DVDs for purchase available at the show;  please click the flyer for complete info.

The Crinn plan to enter Signature Tone Studios to record Nuclear Blast debut in May

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St Paul’s  technical/jazz metal wizards in The Crinn, recent signees to the prestigious international Nuclear Blast metal label, have checked in with a new update from the rehearsal space where they’re working to prepare their forthcoming NB-label debut Dreaming Saturn. As the guys said in a post at their blog, it’s been quite a while since they’ve “posted anything & played anywhere”, but just because we haven’t heard many new songs doesn’t mean The Crinn isn’t hard at work. They’ve finally finished the writing stage and are now ready to move to recording. The guys will move their operation to Signature Tone Studios in Minneapolis on May 15th to begin tracking with Adam Tucker with Zack Ohren at Castle Ultimate in Oakland, CA doing the mixing and Alan Douches at West West Side in New York doing the mastering. While we’re waiting until October 9th (the official release date) to get our hands on the album, the band was kind enough to post several videos from their writing sessions to give us a taste. We’ve posted the most recent one below for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Vodpod videos no longer available.,/p>

mewithoutYou plan U.S. tour with the Dear Hunter and Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground

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mewithoutYou, the Dear Hunter, and Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground have just released all their upcoming U.S. tour dates, and they plan to stop at Station 4 in St. Paul on July 2nd. With a new album called it’s all crazy! it’s all false! it’s all a dream! it’s alright due out on 5/19, it’s about due time for you to catch yourself up with this band of experimental indie rock misfits. I personally can’t remember seeing this band since they were supporting [A -> B] Life at the Warehouse in La Crosse years ago (..I know Hiz won’t forget that show, either, but I can’t recall who else played for the life of me), and the evolution they’ve gone through since I touched base with them last are pretty amazing. Although it’s still the same band I recall from the debut, the last album Brother, Sister was a matured, refined, improved, and focused mewithoutYou. Admittedly, hearing it the first time made me embarrassed I ever stopped paying attention to them. The Dear Hunter and Kay Kay ain’t bad either, so I’m glad I’ve finally got a chance to reinitiate myself into their following.

All of the tour dates are listed after the jump… Continue reading