You, You’re Awesome makes awesome music

yyasuperheroYou, You’re Awesome are set to release an EP tomorrow, entitled “You’re My Superhero”. I hadn’t really heard of these guys until today, thanks to an awesome preview over at And Music Will Set You Free, but now I’m completely in love. You, You’re Awesome creates some amazing electro-pop music that utilize vocals a bit different from most other acts like this. And that’s what sets them apparent, though similar to some other stuff out there, these guys still remain unique. I love the piano over-lays, and the in-and-out styled composition. The sound feels like it drifts from near to far away, giving the listener a unique experience. These guys rock, so check them out, and be sure to grab their EP tomorrow. Enjoy!

MP3: You You’re Awesome – “I’m Deaf and You’re Boring”

Dig Deeper:  Official Myspace


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