Gza and the Black Lips team up at SXSW

Playing only a few tracks together, and sounding rightfully out of sync, Gza of the Wu-Tang Clan and garage punkers the Black Lips took the stage at this week’s South By Southwest Festival. The footage comes courtesy of adkenc, and for being the middle of the crowd, picks up the audio very well. Gza spits over-top of the the basic and strange instrumentals that the guys put out. It’s like watching a DJ try and put together a really bad beat for a freestyle, it repeats the same kind of rhythm over and over and doesn’t seem to go along with the actual tune that Gza is trying to recreate. So yeah, It was a great idea in theory, and I’d encourage more cross genre stuff like this stuff, but this time it didn’t seem to work too well. Check it out for yourself though, Enjoy!? and check out more from adkenc HERE


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