Concert Review: Friendly Fires, White Lies, The Soft Pack @ Triple Rock Social Club

friendly-fires-boardOn what turned out to be another snowy April evening, Friendly Fires took stage at the Triple Rock Social club here in downtown Minneapolis to a crowd eager with anticipation all night. As I stood around before the show all anybody talked about was how excited they were to see these guys in such an intimate setting. And rightfully so, as their sound is so tight live and their performance so fun and laid back.

But before the fun really began, The Soft Pack began with their California post-punk music. These guys had their act together, and for me were a nice surprise. The Soft Pack were a fun band, their sound was spot on for the type of music they played, a bit jumbled at times but the whole scope of the show and their sound was always evident. To me a nice surprise, and a sound I don’t usually get into, but hey, I loved it.

Whites Lies. It’d be a white lie if I said I enjoyed their show at all. Sorry guys, but they were just plain boring. I can understand why their new record is getting great reviews, seeing as their sound is pretty easy to just nod your head to but their live act was just plain bland. The whole band seemed way too into themselves and the black and white lighting thing just added to the cheesiness. I tried to like it, I really did, but fervently I stood with my arms crossed front row.

After the atrocity that was White Lies, the headliner for the night saved what was looking to be a dismal evening. And save they did. Blasting off from their first track, Friendly Fires were just as amazing live as everyone around me had been talking about. Possessing a great studio-like sound live, songs like “Paris” and “On Board” captivated the bouncy crowd and got nearly everyone there to sing along (and to that really pissy couple standing next to me, if you’re reading this: lighten up and dance will ya?). So aside from the few stiff legs, the show was stellar, and the lead singers interaction with the crowd was some good fun. So check the pictures below of all the bands, and I managed to get some video again too. Enjoy!

Video: Friendly Fires – “On Board”

freidnly-fires-singer-yellow(Friendly Fires)


(Friendly Fires)

friendly-fires-singer-flash(Friendly Fires)

friendly-fires-guitarest-boards(Friendly Fires)

friendly-fires-singer-red(Friendly Fires)

white-lies-singer(White Lies)

white-lies-guitar(White Lies)

soft-pack-drummer(The Soft Pack)

soft-pack-guitar(The Soft Pack)


2 Responses to “Concert Review: Friendly Fires, White Lies, The Soft Pack @ Triple Rock Social Club”

  1. Nice pics from what was a great show, in my opinion. It’s too bad you didn’t get into the White Lies set, which I thought was great-and anything but boring. Saying that you tried to get into their set, but admitting you stood there with arms crossed is a bit contradictory (and you can perhaps take your own advice that you gave to the people who weren’t getting into Friendly Fires.) But, to each his own. But while talking to Harry, the White Lies lead singer, after the show, I found the guy to be a pretty humble, likable guy who in no way seemed to be into himself. Friendly Fires were fun, though, no doubt. A good Saturday night show, to be sure.

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