Sunday Metal Minute: Graf Orlock, “Run Over By A Truck”

Man, if there were one song title that aptly described how my head feels right now on Sunday morning, it’s this one. But nonetheless, I’ve got a lot of stuff that I have to accomplish today, and Graf Orlock‘s “Run Over By a Truck” (from their new album Destination Time Today) is giving me the proper kick in the ass I need to start my chores.

As a fan of of the heavy, I just can’t help but love a song that sounds so fucking sick and nasty. The heavy riffage on this gem of modern grindcore is caked in dirty, crusty grime and the vocals are spastic and chaotic like no other.  Not more than 3 minutes ago I was grudgingly accepting the fact that I’d be in a hard-headed mood today, but the refreshing  grind of  Gorlock’s “Run Over By A Truck” has helped me thrash the bad vibes out instantly. Thank you, Graf Orlock.

MP3: Graf Orlock, “Run Over By A Truck” (from Destination Time Today, available now)


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