Review: DOOM, Born Like This

born-like-this1 As if MF Doom (sorry DOOM) had to make it any more confusing, he added yet another moniker to the seemingly endless list of names. Born Like This is his first outing under the alias known as DOOM (yes, it has to be ALL CAPS). It’s always been hard for me to put a term on how I feel about MF Doom’s music, it’s great, but I just don’t know where I sit with it. If there’s one thing for sure, he never fails in making me laugh my ass of. DOOM is one of the funniest and quirkiest emcees I’ve ever heard, I love the way that he rhymes and the things he spits about.

With the information above being said lets start by saying that the production on this album is nothing short of amazing. With the majority of production being handled by DOOM himself (DOOM has always been a great fucking producer), the rest of the production is handled by Jake One, J Dilla & Thom Yorke (only on the iTunes purchase) . By the names already mentioned, you should have a pretty good idea that the beats on this album are going to be pretty close to off the charts.

“Gazillion Ear” is the second track on the album, and it is one of the tracks that’s produced by J Dilla. I absolutely love everything about it. DOOM is an emcee that fits perfect with Dilla beats because his flow is so adaptable to different tempos. I was sitting in the office that I work at and I heard a rhyme off of this track and I literally started laughing hysterically, “…in any event it’s fake like wrestlin’/Get em’ like Jake the Snake on mescaline”. “Yessir!” is a great track that has Raekwon the Chef flowing over a DOOM beat. “Lightworks” is a track that hold special to me because the track it is named after is my favorite beat on Dilla’s album Donuts. I love it because DOOM tears the shit apart with a furious force that most emcees probably wouldn’t want to test. “Angelz” is a great track featuring the one and only Tony Starks (Ghostface Killah) rhyming alongside DOOM. The beat that DOOM concocted is incredible, and features beautiful horn placement throughout the track.

All in all this album is definitely a great outing for DOOM. Like I said before, the production on this album is pretty much flawless. The production at some points definitely outshines the rhymes being put forth on the tracks. Even if the beats outshine some of the flows on the album, it doesn’t take away from the quality significantly. I highly recommend you check this album out because it’s damn good. If for nothing else, you will get many good laughs out of this album because DOOM is hilarious.



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