Black Milk Brings “Mo Power” Than Anyone

up-black_milk To me, Black Milk news never seems to get old. I got this track in an e-mail from Audible Treats today. This track is definitely much different than anything you will hear Black Milk do. He uses a real jazzy beat that most emcees probably wouldn’t even attempt to rhyme over. This makes for a nice challenge for Black, and he handles it quite well if I do say so. The best rhyme comes at the end of the track, “I’m a be honest/You can’t compete, can’t beat Tronic/If you ain’t hear me nigga rewind it, or just be silent”.

This is a great track that shows how truly versatile Black Milk really is. Who knows, we may see a Jazz album from him sometime in the near future, I sure as hell wouldn’t put it past him with his talent.

Download: Black Milk, “Mo Power”


One Response to “Black Milk Brings “Mo Power” Than Anyone”

  1. This cats advancements seem to be limitless.

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