Human Heads on Animal Bodies (Chipmunk + Nick = Chipick)

Chimpmunk + Nick = Chimpick So, as I looked at myself in the mirror on Tuesday, April 7th, and peered down at the Wahl Shaver in my hand, I could only imagine what sort of animal it would become.  I pressed the heavy, buzzing razor to my skull, and WHOOSH: I am now a chipmunk. Literally, as soon as the 1/4 inch blade had finished chopping the last hair, I was magically transformed into a chipmunk; my cheeks appeared larger, my body hairier, and my eyes wider than ever before. (Not to mention I had an insatiable craving for ripe acorns?!?!, coincidence? I think NOT!)

If you happen to find yourself peering down at a Wahl Shaver in your hand, remember this sound; Chip Chip Chip…


3 Responses to “Human Heads on Animal Bodies (Chipmunk + Nick = Chipick)”

  1. ha! you do look like a chipmunk, man! i’m waiting a few weeks to cut my hair off though, since it’s still pretty cool up here. I’ll have to decide what kind of animal i look like!

    ps. pretty sure you look like a walrus in your wordpress avatar.

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