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5 Good Reasons to Avoid a Bassnectar Show

Posted in Off Topic, Random with tags , , , on Friday, August 17, 2012 by Eric Gilardi

5. His fan base consists of a lot of middle school aged kids.

There seems to be an influx of young kids at Bassnectar shows. I have nothing against young kids as long as they can be responsible and not cause a scene; however, it is never a good time when I have to look at a girl who is far too young to be that far gone.

4. His music is ground shaking but not ground breaking.

The consistency of his sound consists of a lot of heavy bass. I guess if you like to listen to a repetitive heavy bass line then it is a show for you. That is why I say his music is ground shaking but not ground breaking. He isn’t creating electronic music that is trend setting or new to the industry. This heavy bass seems to work for him even though I do not understand how or why?

3.  Slow vibe dancing is just not as fun.

When attending a Bassnectar show get ready to vibe slow. His display of powerful bass is great if you are into dancing slow but if you are looking for a dance party, you will not find one at his show. I prefer a dance party over a crowd who is methodically moving to the beat.

2. Throws in the change of pace too late in his set.

When I saw him recently at Lollapalooza, he changed it up towards the end of his set with some hopped up punk rock. This was a lot of fun and got the crowd going – an easy thing to do after putting everyone to sleep for an hour. If he would have mixed some of this in to break up the monotonous first hour, or brought in a few upbeat dance songs to change the pace a bit,  his show would be more enjoyable.

1. His music is fit for the bedroom not a music venue.

This slow vibe dancing I was talking of earlier can make you look to this music as a way to make babies. There’s a name for this style of electronic music: baby making music. That is why when you look around at one of his shows you see a bunch of people “getting it on” in the crowd. That is cool if you like to see that display of public affection, but it’s not my number one priority when attending a show. To the people who like to do that, put a subwoofer under your bed and turn the bass up if you cannot give your women a proper orgasm.

*Take note for every reason I just listed could be the very reason you want to attend a Bassnectar show. If you are a really big fan of his music, then I would definitely suggest going. Keep in mind, the opinions of this article are from a person who was totally impartial before going to the show at Lollapalooza.


Happy Birthday to the Greatest That Ever Did It…

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As I sit here and ponder what to write for my annual Dilla Day post, I find myself thinking about the first time I heard James Dewitt Yancey’s music: A friend had told me to check out the track “So Far To Go” off of Jay’s album, The Shining. From the second “So Far To Go” started playing, I was hit with a myriad of emotions, and I had no idea how to comprehend what was bombarding my ear drums; once the piano section kicked in right around the two minute mark, I damn near burst into tears. I would soon come to realize that I had been “technically” listening to James Yancey’s music for a long time; I just didn’t know it. Continue reading

Do You Know How Good it Feels To Be Back?

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Pretty Damn…

A Day in Rock History: April 13th, 2010

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On this day in rock n’ roll MGMT released their second studio album Congratulations. This was the much-anticipated follow-up album to their debut album Oracular Spectacular. Up to this point MGMT had ridden a tidal wave of success from their first album that was filled with more club and electronic vibes than an actual rock n’ roll sound. It was no surprise to me the negative reception that their second album received after the release on April 13th, 2010.

Personally, I thought their second album was better than the first. It is more true to their sound and who they want to be as artists. To the naysayers that only gave the album a listen once or twice I suggest you put the album back on and give it another listen. This time listen to it like you have never heard the album Oracular Spectacular but rather listen to it from a stand point of a music fan. Now, what do you hear? You hear an album that takes you on a trek back to the rock of the 60’s or 70’s. This is what the American rock duo of Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser wanted to do. They do not sell themselves short and do what the masses want but rather what they want. I would hope that you do not sell yourselves short by not giving this album another listen. Sometimes when you do not get what you expect you are getting a present.

On a furthernote, you should probably pull both albums back out of the archives and reconnect with them because they are currently in the process of making their 3rd studio album. This album will be a self-titled album, and its supposed to drop in 2012 at some point. Now, if you are expecting them to go back to the sound of Oracular Spectacular, I would say think again. If the way their sound changed from their first to their second album is any sign of where the duo plans to go then get ready for another pleasant surprise. Another present from MGMT is in the works, Congratulations!

Katy Perry, “I Kissed A Girl (Power Metal Remix)”

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I’m not even going to say one word about this one, except quote Vince over at MetalSucks by saying “stick with it until the ripping Mercenary-style guitar and keyboard solos”.


MP3 DOWNLOAD: Katy Perry, “I Kissed A Girl (Andy Xiong Power Metal Remix)”

Major Lazer release music video for “Hold The Line”

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major lazerThe super group of Diplo and Switch along with “a Jamaican commando who lost his arm in the secret Zombie War of 1984 that cruises around on a rocket-powered skateboard and chills with nude Rihanna” have produced not only one of the most fun tracks of the year, but now hold the title for best music video of the year as well. It features a desperado-like entrance for one of the greatest fictional musicians ever, segueing into the amazing surf guitar and Nokia brick phone samples “Hold The Line” is now famous for along with Santigold on the mic (overload anyone?). The second half of the video also shows some of the coolest looking action figures I’ve seen in a long time, too bad Mad Decent doesn’t have any in production considering the way the Major Lazer shirt sold at SXSW. So check it out, have a laugh, and enjoy the mp3 if you loved the video. 

Major Lazer’s debut album Guns Don’t Kill People, Lazers Do is out 6/16 on Mad Decent. Pre-Order.

MP3: Major Lazer – “Hold The Line”

BONUS! This awesome “N64 Kid” remix video set to some great “Hold The Line” chops. Enjoy to the max!

Human Heads on Animal Bodies (Chipmunk + Nick = Chipick)

Posted in Random with tags , , on Wednesday, April 8, 2009 by Nicholas Blexrud

Chimpmunk + Nick = Chimpick So, as I looked at myself in the mirror on Tuesday, April 7th, and peered down at the Wahl Shaver in my hand, I could only imagine what sort of animal it would become.  I pressed the heavy, buzzing razor to my skull, and WHOOSH: I am now a chipmunk. Literally, as soon as the 1/4 inch blade had finished chopping the last hair, I was magically transformed into a chipmunk; my cheeks appeared larger, my body hairier, and my eyes wider than ever before. (Not to mention I had an insatiable craving for ripe acorns?!?!, coincidence? I think NOT!)

If you happen to find yourself peering down at a Wahl Shaver in your hand, remember this sound; Chip Chip Chip…

Listen to any song in the world for FREE!

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It’s Called Just Hear It, and Tony the Tiger gives it 2 thumbs up!!!!

Was doing some stumbling on, and came across this site that allows you to search any song in the world, for free, and listen to it. Cool Stuff!