Illogic Has Diabolic Fun With Slug, Aesop & Zerostar

illogic03 Hearing this track takes me back to the “Hold Mine” days. There is nothing like hearing Illogic, Aesop Rock & Slug together again. As the homie Shake said over at 2Dopeboyz, it would be incredible for Blueprint and Eyedea to jump on the wagon for an Orphanage reunion. This track is pretty much lights out on every verse. Zerostar is an emcee from Ohio who is an artist on Weightless Recordings. He spits a raw verse, and I wouldn’t be suprised to be hearing big things from him in the future.

Make sure you go out an get Illogic’s new album Diabolical Fun which is out now via Weightless.

Download: Illogic, “Diabolical Fun” (Remix) Featuring Aesop Rock, Slug & Zerostar


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