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This is an idea that I have been thinking about for the last month or so. Wild Style  is a “throw back” if you will, and a classic that will never be forgotten in Hip-Hop. What I want to do every Wednesday here at Mind Inversion is review an album that in my opinion is a classic, or rather an album I will never forget. In another note all of the albums that I review are going to have been released before 2008. I hope you guys enjoy my weekly column, and if you have any comments please feel free to leave them.

foreign-exchange-connected There are literally so many things that I could say about this album, and none of them would fall short of great compliments. This album almost made my top 10 most influential albums, but when it comes down to it, it’s not quite there (that’s not me saying this album isn’t incredible, because it is). I found out about this album far too late, and I am very thankful to the person who turned me onto this album (Analecia). On a side note, I am a fucking huge Little Brother fan and I hate to say it (because some will crucify me for it) but I think Connected might be better than anything that Te, Pooh & 9th did. Phonte & Nicolay shine like diamonds in the light on this one and this album in my opinion will always be a classic.

If I had to say there was any album showcasing Phonte’s best rhymes, it would most definitely be this one. His voice sounds so natural for every beat that Nicolay crafts, and the members of the Justus League that are on this album accent every track perfectly. Big Pooh, in my opinion, steps up on this album and spits some dope rhymes to accent Phonte just like in Little Brother. Overall, the vocals on this album are as close to perfect as you can get (of course in my opinion).

Nicolay’s production on this album is nothing short of superb. Every single track from front to back is well crafted and is equally as beautiful as it is amazing. The end to end production on this album is something that should be recognized by every producer in the game. If there is one conclusion that I want everyone to come to after hearing the beats on this album, it is that “Nicolay is definitely for the kids”. The thing that is great about Nicolay is that he goes through so many different sounds, but makes all of them sound like they were meant to.

I don’t want to talk about individual tracks, because I literally could go on and on about every single track on this album. You readers would say hell with it after the first track, because there is so much positive to say about this album. Every track is damn near a highlight. This album is the definition of beautiful. If you haven’t checked this album out, you need to.



One Response to “Welcome To Wild Style Wednesdays at Mind Inversion”

  1. Ahh I love it. I am in complete agreement with the idea that Connected surpasses anything that Te, Pooh and 9th Wonder have put together. Von Sees perfectly flows into Raw Lifes without hesitance, and the album builds from that foundation. I like Wild Style Wed. keep it up ma man!

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