Alchemist Talks to

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Hey guys, sorry it has been so long since you have heard from me. I, just like Erik (and most likely Ryan), am falling victim of finals at school and have been sumbmursed in school related activities constantly for the last week. Not only that, but I haven’t really found too much very interesting in music news lately so I haven’t had the urge to write.

This video however is different. I spotted this one over at 2DopeBoyz. Alchemist sat down with the people over at to discuss a variety of issues. I love how they use the beat for “Stuck On You” by Prodigy, it’s easily my favorite beat that Al has ever produced. He talks about his influences from the east and west coast and has a nice metaphor about the body and blood of Hip-Hop. Next he talks about how DJ Muggs basically got Alchemist introduced to Mobb Deep and started that connection going. The part I love about the video is it has a clip of Al building a beat in the studio for his upcoming album, he is a genius when it comes to making beats. Make sure you check this one out, and go out and get Chemical Warfare May 19th.


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