Incubus preface greatest hits comp with new “Black Heart Inertia” video

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It’s hard to believe that these guys have been playing together for nearly two decades, but that’s the truth. From the looks of the band on their new video for “Black Heart Inertia”, it’s hard to tell if they’ve aged a day since the first time I remember coming across their music. Either way, as with every other time they release something new, Incubus continues to sound refreshingly renewed with this new song…

On June 16, Incubus will be celebrating their extensive back catalog with a greatest hits release entitled Monuments and Melodies – the 2xCD will also include two new Brendan O’Brien produced tracks (one of which gets the music video treatment seen here) and plenty of bonus material to satisfy (including a cover of Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy”). For those of you who already own most of the first album, I’d recommend looking to digital downloads to handpick the ones you’re missing.

Keep reading for the full tracklist for Monuments and Melodies


Disc 1

# Title Length
1. “Black Heart Inertia” 4:53
2. “Drive” 3:52
3. “Megalomaniac” 4:54
4. “Anna Molly” 3:46
5. “Love Hurts” 3:57
6. “Wish You Were Here” 3:36
7. “Warning” 4:42
8. “Stellar” 3:20
9. “Talk Shows on Mute” 3:52
10. “Pardon Me” 3:44
11. “Dig” 4:17
12. “Oil and Water” 3:49
13. “Are You In?” 4:24
14. “Nice to Know You” 4:43
15. “Midnight Swim” 1:53

Disc 2

# Title Length
1. “Neither of Us Can See” 4:05
2. “Look Alive” 4:17
3. “While All The Vultures Feed” ?
4. “Pantomime” 3:54
5. “Anything” ?
6. “Punch Drunk” 5:14
7. “Admiration” 4:13
8. “Martini” ?
9. “A Certain Shade of Green (Acoustic)” 3:11
10. “Monuments and Melodies” 5:06
11. “Let’s Go Crazy” ?

One Response to “Incubus preface greatest hits comp with new “Black Heart Inertia” video”

  1. Nice Post, I really N-joy Incubus as well. You should hook me up with some discs.

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