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MTV2’s Twin Cities Week continues: Backstage at Soundset 2009; Atmosphere, Brother Ali, P.O.S, Tape ‘N Tapes live and interviewed

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MTV2‘s coverage of the area in Twin Cities Week continues today. A massive video diary of the station’s visit to the Soundset 2009 hip-hop festival and a backyard BBQ with Tapes ‘N Tapes is featured in this round of video offerings..

Vodpod videos no longer available.INTERVIEW VIDEO: Highlights of Sounset 2009 (Part 1 of 8)

The playlist continues after the jump, and area artists Atmosphere, Tapes ‘N Tapes, P.O.S, Brother Ali, and various parts of the city are exposed during interviews and live performances from around the city. It’s a great viewing experience for any local. Enjoy! Continue reading


Incubus preface greatest hits comp with new “Black Heart Inertia” video

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

It’s hard to believe that these guys have been playing together for nearly two decades, but that’s the truth. From the looks of the band on their new video for “Black Heart Inertia”, it’s hard to tell if they’ve aged a day since the first time I remember coming across their music. Either way, as with every other time they release something new, Incubus continues to sound refreshingly renewed with this new song…

On June 16, Incubus will be celebrating their extensive back catalog with a greatest hits release entitled Monuments and Melodies – the 2xCD will also include two new Brendan O’Brien produced tracks (one of which gets the music video treatment seen here) and plenty of bonus material to satisfy (including a cover of Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy”). For those of you who already own most of the first album, I’d recommend looking to digital downloads to handpick the ones you’re missing.

Keep reading for the full tracklist for Monuments and MelodiesContinue reading

The Amish

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Amish via horse and buggyI was riding a train the other day and noticed the amish.  What are the amish?  I have no idea, so right now I will Wikipedia them and get back to you. Apparently, the amish are christian believers who wear simple attire and do not accept modern technology, so most likely they will not read this internet post and become offended.  “Most people know about the amish.”,  says an anonymous by stander.  Well I don’t.  So I read on.  The Amish movement began in Switzerland.  In about 1693 they moved to pennsylvania for some reason, probably persecution, and they are now spread out throughout the United States and Canada.  There are a small number of different sects ranging from the ones who change a lot and the ones who stick to tradition.  By the age of 18 or 21 they are baptized.  After being baptized they can be married into a family of the same faith, but not before that.  There are approximately 20 to 40 families to a district/church.  The district is lead by several ministers and deacons.  services are held each week in different family’s homes.  The amish follow distinct rules.  If these rules are no followed the member will be excommunicated and shunned.  The rules are no electrical power-line power, little or no telephone communication, and they do not buy insurance (so if they hit you with their buggies and destroy your car you are fucked.  Pay the man.)  Members must confess and they are tortured with a belt/whip if they don’t repent (Thats true).  As young adults they go through a phase that is similar to “fucking around”, yet spelled differently.  They can pretty much get away with anything.  Amish, also will not  become involved with the government and will not accept social security.  I find this information pretty amazing considering the amount of creativity that is kept from these individuals.  I mean if you think about it they pretty much cannot get new music until its been passed down so far that it is no longer considered new.  The internet is a great place to find new and interesting things, such as music.  The television might, in the past for sure, open people up to new music (via MTV, other music media).  Are the amish sheltered?  I have no idea, but I know I feel fortunate that I am from where I am.  The internet, Electricity, the telephone, and personal choice are what is real and good in my life. simple, not backbreaking, work is okay with me.  Ha, some might think I am joking, maybe I am, but I am not.  All of these things are good.  If you want to believe in anything you choose, that sounds good to me as well.  Sometimes I feel we all may be detached from ourselves because of lack of self-seclusion.  Again, maybe the amish have it right. Continue reading