Seth Kauffman Releases First Album Under ‘Floating Action’ Pseudonym

floating action      After releasing an EP and LP under his full name, Seth Kauffman has taken a bit of a different route with his new project. Taking on the name Floating Action, Kauffman released his first album April 21st.  The self-titled debut has not only created more buzz with long time fans, but has created a new fan base around Kauffmna outside of his already very close followers.

      Very much in line with the Caribbean treat I wrote about the other day, Floating Action is like a more sunny version of Park the Van label mates Dr. Dog. Recording all of the instrumentals and vocals by himself, Kauffman is able to create a unique sound that is specific to himself. It’s a sound that’s synonymous with 60’s Roy Orbison and yet still seems terrifically fresh in today’s light.

      It’s Kauffman’s voice, more than the music itself, that sets Floating Action apart from many of the other acts making music similar to this. The lead track on Floating Action, “50 Lashes”, puts Kuffman’s fluctuating falsetto to the test. The way he is able to change pitch mid-verse is outstanding, and with that subtle effect is able to craft a sound much more original, distinct, and quite frankly enjoyable. 

     But don’t take my word for it, check out the awesome “50 Lashes” from Floating Action right here below. And the album Floating Action is out now, so be sure to scoop that up as soon as possible too. I’d highly suggest getting it from the best mp3 related website out there: Amie Street. Enjoy!

Floating Action – “50 Lashes”


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