Like Hot Dogs and Apple Pie

past timeSo it finally feels like summer. It’s 80 degrees, it’s sunny, everything is green… and this little thing called baseball has found it’s way into my life today. Mind Inversion’s collective alma mater is the questionable establishment of La Crescent High School, home to none other than the Lancers.

So it’s my day off, and the baseball team has somehow made their way to the State Tournament here in St. Cloud. So I figure why not go out and enjoy this beyond beautiful day with a couple friends as I watch my former friends take to the field. So the game goes very well, we win 2-1 in a thriller and move onto the winners bracket of the tournament and to a game later this very same day. And as I write this in between the games, I’m recalling why I love baseball oh so very much. It’s a beautiful sport. Not only due to the weather, but to the game as well. It takes precision, thought, manipulation, passion. I geek out about sports, so excuse me for this worthless post, but I felt like sharing my love of the game with everyone else. And hey Timmy, Go Cubs! (just for good measure)

MP3: The Intruders – “Love Is Like A Baseball Game”


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