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Sonny Knight at Lyn Lake Street Festival 2014

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… Sonny Knight was, and is great. He came across as the kind of guy who comes from bygone era, while effectively staying relevant. His music has life. He utilized three backup singers and a full band, he was doing it right. At the peak of the numbers in the crowd, Sonny rocked the stage like a champion. The best song of the day was “Hey Girl”, naturally, but even less familiar songs moved those in attendance. From behind the performers looking out, one could see raw excitement, and the power which Sonny sustained. His set was charged and intimate, and precisely electric. It was a pleasant and unexpected surprise, having never seen him before.

Sonny played for some time, and then the show was over. The crowd was pleased. I exited the stage at about the same time in hopes of having a one-on-one conversation with the artist. I ran around back as he was being mobbed by fans and snapped at with cameras. He took time for the adoration and with a broad smile he vanished. Sonny was something; to me, he seemed like a classic soul singer from the distant past, yet he was thriving in 2014. I wondered where his time machine was parked. Searching, I found nothing…

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Like Hot Dogs and Apple Pie

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past timeSo it finally feels like summer. It’s 80 degrees, it’s sunny, everything is green… and this little thing called baseball has found it’s way into my life today. Mind Inversion’s collective alma mater is the questionable establishment of La Crescent High School, home to none other than the Lancers.

So it’s my day off, and the baseball team has somehow made their way to the State Tournament here in St. Cloud. So I figure why not go out and enjoy this beyond beautiful day with a couple friends as I watch my former friends take to the field. So the game goes very well, we win 2-1 in a thriller and move onto the winners bracket of the tournament and to a game later this very same day. And as I write this in between the games, I’m recalling why I love baseball oh so very much. It’s a beautiful sport. Not only due to the weather, but to the game as well. It takes precision, thought, manipulation, passion. I geek out about sports, so excuse me for this worthless post, but I felt like sharing my love of the game with everyone else. And hey Timmy, Go Cubs! (just for good measure)

MP3: The Intruders – “Love Is Like A Baseball Game”

Chicago’s Big Summer Festivals Get First Announcements

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lolla-091It’s sad to see some of the summer’s biggest festivals go under in this tail-spin of an economy, but the ones that are hopefully gonna stick around for a long time are getting their first line-up announcements. Lollapalooza, arguably the biggest festival of the entire year, and Pitchfork, both got some big line-up news this week, tempting fans to jump on tickets sales early. 

Lollapalooza has only announced a few of the headliners for the event, but it’s a very interesting mix. Jane’s Addiction, The Beastie
Boys, and Depeche Mode are going to anchor the festival this year. Stereogum put it very nicely, “if only it was 1990”. I’m very interested to see how ticket sales go right away, seeing as those acts really aren’t in huge demand. I mean yeah, the Beastie Boys still rock, but Depeche Mode and Jane’s Addiction haven’t exactly stirred my interest lately. I’m a lot more interested to see some of the other acts that will be leaking out throughout the next few months.

Pitchfork, the slightly more budget friendly, yet just as amazing festival has given away a little bit more information about what you’ll be seeing in Union Park this summer. Their friday night line-up, curated by All Tomorrow’s Party called “Don’t Look Back” for it’s theme of older acts playing their most popular albums, has roped in some huge bands again. Yo La Tango, Built To Spill, Tortoise, andp4k-09 The Jesus Lizard will all be playing that first day, but with a little different and completely awesome new spin to it. The entire set lists that the bands will be playing will be voted on by the fans who buy tickets, which go on sale March 13th. A cool idea, an very cool idea. Some of the other acts that will be appearing throughout the rest of the weekend include the extremely popular Grizzly Bear, the National, Vivian Girls, Pharoahe Monche, the Walkmen, and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. Pitchfork always does an awesome job creating a line-up geared towards all listeners, and this year’s festival is looking to do the same thing. Coupled with the fact that a two day weekend pass is only 60 bucks, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this festival sell out earlier this year, gaining attendance from those music lovers out there who aren’t willing to spend upwards of 200 dollars to get to Lollapalooza. 

Check out the links to more information below!

Pitchfork Music Festival,  July 17th – 19th 2009.

Lollapalooza, August 7th – 9th 2009.

Album Review: Air France – “No Way Down EP”

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no-way-down-cover1Alright, so admittedly I am a little late (and by a little I mean like half a year) on this one, but Air France‘s newest release “No Way Down EP” is the perfect album for this time of year in the midwest and one of the better albums I have heard in a while. Finally available in the United States, the EP transcends dozens of musical genres, while creating their own style in the midsts of it all. 

Reading reviews of No Way Down you will be sure to find various suggestions to exactly what their music really should be classified as, but their Wiki page gives the perfect definition: “post-rave bliss, beach foam pop, and balearic disco.” So maybe not perfect in what it actually says, because I have no clue what the word “balearic” means at all, but perfect in the sense there isn’t one distinct pattern or idea throughout the three suggestions.

Upon first listen though you will be able to decide from yourself what Air France is really all about. Is about dreamy country-sides and sunny beaches, or is an empty and hollowing album full of laughter at the expense of the listener rather than for the benefit? This is one of the strong points of the albums, the horns, the laughter, the voices all combine for an experience that is like nothing else because at the end it’s still hard to decide if what you just listened left you feeling happy or sad. And its this basic premise that leaves a refreshing feeling, and makes you listen to the album over and over again (I’m currently on take 5 in 2 days). 

The opening track “Maundy Thursday” begins with and drones on with a deep mellotron and sounds reminiscent of a type-writer, before a stand up bass drum is beat over and over barreling down the listeners ear like a never ending wave. But just as it grows dreary, you’re met with “June Evenings.” “Spring has arrived early here” a quiet voice chimes in, “a time for lovers. and it is as if the season mocks my sadness” the narrator finishes. Soon after you hear horns blasting the background, quickly being brought the foreground and in full display around this masterpiece of a track. Distorted hand-clapping and echoing voices make this track roar like something off of a Panda Bear album. 

“Collapsing at your doorstep” the third track on this EP can be found on numerous year end lists for song of the year, and rightfully so. Beginning again with sampled voices that sound eerily familiar even though I can’t put my finger right on it of two young kids, one of asking “sort of like a dream?” while the other responds “no, better.” The two kids got it right, this whole album, exemplified on this track, is much like a dream; the way it sounds, the images it creates that you just cant explain, the way it ends when you don’t want it to. Air France brings back the horns form the last track, or at least something sounds vastly familiar, but this time adding in a repetitious narrator and some sparse samples in the middle to make the escalating and beautiful music sound even more dreamlike. “Collapsing at your doorstep” ends just as it begins, with the two kids, still exchanging words but this time after the expansive amount music played in between. The answer is still the same, “no, better” but now the listener agrees, Air France is more than a dream. 

Air France becomes an idea; It becomes the sunny beach, the expansive countryside, the virgin snow. Drifting in and out of musical genres, from pop to electronic to afro-beat and back again. “No Way Down” exemplifies what music is all about, it doesn’t have to follow any sort of script or central motif it just has to ooze emotion and care. It’s records like this that reinvigorate my love for music and make me beyond grateful for music as a medium for expression and passion. 

Recommended for people who enjoy: Panda Bear, Jens Lekman, Devendra Barnhardt, Sufjan Stevens.

You be the Judge mp3: Air France – “Collapsing At Your Doorstep” and “June Evenings”

9 out of 10