Sunday Metal Song: Suffocation, “Blood Oath”

Like every other musical genre, over the course of the years the death metal landscape has become an over-populated sea composed mostly of bands relying on mimicry and unabashed idea stealing to produce a sound that nearly always comes back to the ideas started by the genre’s pioneers in the early 90s. But while all these new cats on the block aimless  try to make the “ultimate” death metal album, it seems unlikely that any of  them will ever push the revered innovators in Suffocation off of their throne. After five albums, the NYDM quintet continues to forge ahead with their sixth release next month, incessantly blazing a path that their peers will have no choice but to follow.

“Blood Oath” is the first track to be released from Suffocation’s forthcoming (releasing on July 3rd) full-length album of blisteringly brutal technical death metal, and it showcases a band firing on every cylinder, completely undeterred by the over-abundance of new bands trying aping their sound. On “Blood Oath”, Suffocation separates themselves from the pack with a masterful display of the headbang inducing rhythms, blasting drum hits, and sneering vocals that make them the envy of every death metal band on the planet. Listen in for yourself below…

LISTEN: Suffocation, “Blood Oath” (from Blood Oath, available 7/3)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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