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Sunday Metal Album: Poison the Well, The Tropic Rot

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As one of the most undeniably underrated bands in underground metal and hardcore during the last decade, Poison the Well has been consistently surpassing all expectations placed on  them through the thick and the thin. It’s honestly hard to believe that they held together long enough to record their last album Versions in 2007, a record that saw them step far outside the conventional confines of the metalcore sound which they had a huge part in originally pioneering; and it’s even harder to believe that their fanbase stuck with them through such mind-boggling changes. After all was said and done, the lucky ones who were still paying attention were left with one of the best progressive, post-hardcore albums in recent memory – a disc that is still growing on me to this day..

This week, Poision throws us for another loop with the release of their newly recorded opus The Tropic Rot. I’m still doubtful that this album will write Poison The Well the place in the metal/hardcore history books that they truly deserve, but that is no fault of their own… This is one vicious, thought-provoking release, and I hope that the critics don’t overlook the fine work of the dudes from PTW this time-around around. Mark my words: this is a strong album of the year contender. Listen in on their myspace for free today and see why…

FREE ALBUM STREAM PREVIEW: Poison the Well, The Tropic Rot (available 7/6)

Sunday Metal Song: Suffocation, “Blood Oath”

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Like every other musical genre, over the course of the years the death metal landscape has become an over-populated sea composed mostly of bands relying on mimicry and unabashed idea stealing to produce a sound that nearly always comes back to the ideas started by the genre’s pioneers in the early 90s. But while all these new cats on the block aimless  try to make the “ultimate” death metal album, it seems unlikely that any of  them will ever push the revered innovators in Suffocation off of their throne. After five albums, the NYDM quintet continues to forge ahead with their sixth release next month, incessantly blazing a path that their peers will have no choice but to follow.

“Blood Oath” is the first track to be released from Suffocation’s forthcoming (releasing on July 3rd) full-length album of blisteringly brutal technical death metal, and it showcases a band firing on every cylinder, completely undeterred by the over-abundance of new bands trying aping their sound. On “Blood Oath”, Suffocation separates themselves from the pack with a masterful display of the headbang inducing rhythms, blasting drum hits, and sneering vocals that make them the envy of every death metal band on the planet. Listen in for yourself below…

LISTEN: Suffocation, “Blood Oath” (from Blood Oath, available 7/3)

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Sunday Metal Song: Starkweather, “Shroud”

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The Sunday Metal Minute is back for another week, and yet again the underground metal mainstream has failed to provide me with any new media that I’m anxious to post (..I’m holding out on a Municipal Waste post until we either get some more tracks to leak or see a music video..), so I’ve decided to dig back into the Mind Inversion vaults. Without the albums released by this week’s pick, Starkweather, metal as we know it likely would not exist.

Though they are still relatively unknown to this day, early releases by Starkeweather such as Crossbearer and Into the Wire united the ferocious styles of death and doom metal with the no-bullshit straightforward hardcore of Youth of Today and Minor Threat and eventually contributed a directl influence current darlings including Converge, Mastodon, and the Dillinger Escape Plan among others. In fact, for those who need a comparison, I’d liken the plight of Starkweather to the same one that afflicted Anvil back in the 80s, where the most enjoyable aspects of the band’s abrasive, hard-rocking metal sound were co-opted by others to propel their success while Anvil continued to dwell in obscurity (at least until this year, that is..). However, unlike Anvil, Starkweather’s output from the early 90s still sounds ahead of its time today and could easily garner comparisons to recent output from the like-minded boundary pushers in Kylesa – and they still haven’t received their big break.

“Shroud” is a great example of the emotional depth and vicious ferocity that Starkweather was capable of. If you have never heard this band but enjoy any others that I’ve mentioned in this post, do yourself a favor and download this and then begin to search for more to add to your collection; recent reissues and a new album via Candlelight Records in 2006 have made it easier than in past years.

DOWNLOAD: Starkweather, “Shroud” (from Into the Wire, 1995)

Sunday Metal Video: Mayhem, “Freezing Moon (live at Wacken)”

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Blackened Fest is here! Weak-minded fools would do best to stay away from Station 4 on Tuesday, when the black metal lords and their legions come out to lay siege to Minneapolis for the first time in over a decade.

LIVE VIDEO: Mayhem, “Freezing Moon (live at Wacken 2004)”

Sunday Metal Song: Darkest Hour, “No God”

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Outside of Ringworm and BTBAM, this band is the only Victory Records band that I even pay attention to anymore. Period. Over the years, the label’s taste have seriously gone downhill, but they have managed to hang onto a select few of aggressive musics finest names (and the most extensive and respected hardcore back catalog in existence). After you download the sampler containing their newest song from their forthcoming release The Eternal Return (..their first release since the departure of shredder Kris Norris and a self-professed return to the aggression and speed of Hidden Hands..), I won’t have my feelings hurt if you delete all the other tracks. Scratch that – I actually recommend you delete the excess songs to focus on the thrashy goodness contained within this reintroduction to a band that has never let me down yet.

DOWNLOAD: Darkest Hour, “No God” (from The Eternal Return, available 6/23)

Sunday Metal Song: Clutch, “50,000 Unstoppable Watts”

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Clutch is back with a powerful new track called “50,000 Unstoppable Watts” from their forthcoming Strange Cousins from the West album, and our friends at the MetalSucks Clutch, Strange Cousins of the Westmansion were kind enough to offer an exclusive premiere. The release is due in stores on July 7th, and if this track is any indication, it looks like Clutch won’t be straying too far from the riff-heavy, groovy prog rock they’ve displayed on some of the exceptional releases they’ve put out this decade. In fact, while it’s hardly a sound that qualifies for the “metal” classification I’ve thrown on them in this post, it seems to marry the wicked boot-stomping heaviness that originally introduced me to Clutch with the swampy classic rock and blues that eventually started to infest their minds more seamlessly than ever. My prediction is that this will be the album to satisfy your summer hard rock craving; I hope Clutch finally get the radio play they deserve with Strange Cousins. Get this one while it’s hot!

LISTEN: Clutch, “50,000 Unstoppable Watts” (from Strange Cousins from the West, available 7/7)