Some fuzzy-summer-wave-popish music get videos: Wavves and Crocodiles

Two of the better albums of the year, and two of the more surprisingly great releases of the year belong to Wavves and Crocodiles. Wavvves and Summer of Hate respectively came out of nowhere in 2009, and especially during these summer months, as their fuzzed out blaring grunge pop has captivated more than a few listeners. We’ll start with “Summer of Hate”, the title track off the Crocodiles album. It’s a slower and more methodic track than some of their other songs, but it’s bold and beautiful. The art direction for the video fits the genre as well, looking like something that may well have been produced in some dudes garage in Seattle in 1988.

And for the king of reverb, aka Wavves, aka Nathan Williams, “No Hope Kids” gets a fitting documentary-styled video. Composed of different clips from their first european tour, “No Hope Kids” not only describes the kind of life Wavves portrays, but it reflects the kind of lazy attitude that summer creates. The clips bring back awesome memories of their live set at The Entry, and after their meltdown overseas I wish Wavves the best of luck.


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