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Some fuzzy-summer-wave-popish music get videos: Wavves and Crocodiles

Posted in Monday Music Video Roundup with tags , , , , on Monday, June 29, 2009 by Erik Burg

Two of the better albums of the year, and two of the more surprisingly great releases of the year belong to Wavves and Crocodiles. Wavvves and Summer of Hate respectively came out of nowhere in 2009, and especially during these summer months, as their fuzzed out blaring grunge pop has captivated more than a few listeners. We’ll start with “Summer of Hate”, the title track off the Crocodiles album. It’s a slower and more methodic track than some of their other songs, but it’s bold and beautiful. The art direction for the video fits the genre as well, looking like something that may well have been produced in some dudes garage in Seattle in 1988.

And for the king of reverb, aka Wavves, aka Nathan Williams, “No Hope Kids” gets a fitting documentary-styled video. Composed of different clips from their first european tour, “No Hope Kids” not only describes the kind of life Wavves portrays, but it reflects the kind of lazy attitude that summer creates. The clips bring back awesome memories of their live set at The Entry, and after their meltdown overseas I wish Wavves the best of luck.

Concert Review & Video: Wavves and Vampire Hands @ 7th Street Entry

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My third concert in as many nights (Friday: Junior Boys, Saturday: Friendly Fires) came down to two bands that I either knew little about, in the case of Vampire Hands, or was slightly pessimistic about after hearing their album, see Wavves. I knew the concert had great potential though, critics have raved about Wavves on and off the record and countless number of acquaintances have told me how great Vampire Hands are live. So hope were yet again high.

After a ridiculous two and a half hour wait for local favorites Vampire Hands to come on, the triumphant and overly (if there is suchwavves-cassette-cover a thing) drunk band played an awesome set of some of their best tracks. “I’m going to jail Mom! Just kidding, my parents are out there tonight” the keyboard/drum/vocal extraordinaire pronounced before the first song. The charismatic front man also had a bit of a malfunction half way through the set, with the legs to his drums falling off, boldly claiming after the song was over that “fuck it, I don’t need them.” A big thanks to everyone who suggested these guys, as their music an antics lived up to any and all hype.

And speaking of hype, has anyone been more highly touted this year than Nathan Williams, otherwise known as Wavves. I’ve been hard pressed to really get into either of his two albums, but his newest effort Wavvves had been growing on me. The San Diego native, and owner of this year’s award for best hair started the set with the awesome “Beach Demon.” One of his more upbeat tracks, the song sprung the crowd off the ground and into the air as Nathan and his buddy on drums rolled through some of the best California garage pop has to offer. He had to tease though, “So we’re gonna play a song that we have never played live” Williams says, only to turn around to find the drummer shaking his head in disapproval. So it never happened, but hey, everything they played I loved. Everything this night promised, delivered. If this guy is playing any festivals this summer or a date in your area be sure to check it out. Enjoy the video and photos as much as I enjoyed the show!

Video: Wavves – “Weed Demon”








vampire-hands-vocals1(Vampire Hands)

vampire-hands-keyboard(Vampire Hands)

vampire-hands-bass(Vampire Hands)

vampire-hands-bass-red(Vampire Hands)

WAVVES live at the Market Hotel NYC 2/6/09

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wavves-nyctaperSo there is this band called Wavves floating around out there. If you’ve been following music at all lately it’s likely that you’ve ran across his name. But his music you ask, what’s it all about? Ummm…. I don’t have an answer, not at all, I can’t make up my mind on Wavves. Whether I like it, hate it, don’t care about it, etc. I’m leaning towards hating it though, which, though upon first sight may seem like a bad thing, is probably a sign that I’m going to grow and come to love it. Seemingly every band I listen to today I’ve hated at one point or another (animal collective, jens lekman, broken social scene) so maybe this backlash is a good thing. Who knows, but what I DO know is that NYC taper captured another great concert, it’s Wavves obviously, playing some new tracks along with older cuts from his self-titled debut. Set list and more info about Wavves below, Enjoy!

[total time 20:28]
01 Weed Demon
02 California Goth
03 Rainbow Everywhere
04 So Bored
05 [tuning]
06 Sun Opens My Eyes
07 [equipment problem]
08 Wavves

Wavves live at the Market Hotel 2/6/09

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MP3: WAVVES – “Weed Demon”