Atmosphere, Leak At Will (Free EP Download)

leak at will front

Slug & Ant have decided to release another Free EP for you guys. The new EP, Leak At Will, is seven tracks long and is being put out to celebrate the new Fifth Element Online Store. All you have to do is add the EP to your cart for $0.00, check out and download the shit. Lets all hope that this one is as good as Strictly Leakage was (Leakage was better than When Life Gives You Lemons…). It’s good to see that Slug & Ant are back at it again having fun the only way that they know how, by dropping dope music. Follow me after the jump for tracklisting and download link.

leak at will back

Download: Atmosphere, Leak At Will (Free EP)*

* Be patient the Fifth Element site is a little slow today.d


2 Responses to “Atmosphere, Leak At Will (Free EP Download)”

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  2. Heyy thaks for the free download I am downloading this for later! How did other people here think of the guide?? From what I see it looks promising!

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