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Album Download: Brother Ali, The Bite Marked Heart EP

Posted in Album Download with tags , , , , on Monday, February 13, 2012 by Tim Althaus

That’s right, Mr. Ali is back with a free EP for the masses; The Bite Marked Heart is a new 7 track EP of all original material. I’m particularly stoked about this one because Brother Ali does the majority of his work on this project with Jake One; of course, Ali did a couple tracks with ANT as well. If you remember Jake One’s album White Van Music, then you know that he works very well with Ali. Upon seeing the tracklisting, I instantly became fixated on track number three; hearing Brother Ali and Phonte on the same track is like a dream come true.

After my first listen of The Bite Marked Heart, I can definitely say that it’s worth the free download, and it’s an overall great project. Brother Ali doesn’t know what the definition of sub-par is; well, he might, but I’m guessing we will never see evidence of it. Make sure you click that button and grab some of the best (free) quality Hip-Hop you can find, courtesy of Rhymesayers Entertainment.

Download: Brother Ali, The Bite Marked Heart EP


Album Review: Brother Ali, Us

Posted in Music Reviews with tags , , , , , , on Wednesday, September 23, 2009 by Tim Althaus

20090727-bali It seems as though everything that Brother Ali touches turns to gold. Everything that this Twin Cities native has put out has been well above par. Earlier this year he dropped The Truth is Here EP, which was 9 straight tracks of sheer brilliance, and now he drops Us into the hands of the people. Much like everyone else is saying, I will agree that this is one of the best albums of this year. It has everything you’ve come to expect from a Brother Ali album: powerful production from Ant and legendary lyrics from Brother Ali. Ali is quickly on his way to becoming a legendary emcee, and Us is yet another nail in the pivotal coffin of truth. Brother Ali’s story telling abilities come alive like a beast in hibernation, and the outcome is simply stunning. Continue reading

Brother Ali, Joell Ortiz & Freeway are the “Best@it”

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Damn, this track is borderline insane. As you all should know, Brother Ali has his newest album Us dropping this coming Tuesday, September 22nd. “Best@it” is the second leak that we’ve been able to obtain, and it features the Philly Freezer & Joell Ortiz alongside the Street Preacher Brother Ali. As you can expect Ant’s beat is ridiculous (which I’m sure it is on the rest of the album as well), and all three of the emcees featured spit top quality bars. I know that I said Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2 was going to probably get album of the year, but I think this new Brother Ali album is going to be fucking epic. I can assure you I will be at the store next week, and you should be to.

Download: Brother Ali, “Best@it” (Feat. Joell Ortiz & Freeway)

Spotted @ 2DopeBoyz

Wild Style Wednesday Review: Atmosphere, God Loves Ugly

Posted in Music Reviews, Wildstyle Wednesdays with tags , , , , , on Wednesday, August 19, 2009 by Tim Althaus

god loves To sit here and tell everyone that reads this blog that God Loves Ugly is an album that didn’t influence me, is a total lie. I’m almost certain I was in 10th grade the first time that I heard the song “Godlovesugly”, all I was thinking was “Who in the fuck is this?”. When I heard that the emcee brilliantly blessing the microphone was from Minneapolis, I simply couldn’t believe it. This album introduced me to the whole world of the Rhymesayers Crew, and if it were for that reason alone I would still never forget this album. What God Loves Ugly showed me, more than anything, is that great talent is much closer to home than you may think. Yeah Slug may rap about women a little too much, and yeah his ego might come off a little bigger than it should be… but dude has mad skills on the mic. Continue reading

Atmosphere + Aesop Rock + Murs live freestlye

Posted in Media, Video with tags , , , , , , , on Tuesday, August 18, 2009 by Nolan Levenson

So I was hoping I would be able to find a video of this. Atmosphere, MURS, and Aesop Rock (Felt 3!) did a show last weekend at Red Rocks in Colorado. As most Atmosphere shows conclude, Slug does a freestyle with his buddies from the show. I apologize for the poor quality. Shout out to durden54 for the video.

New Brother Ali single!

Posted in Audio, Downloads, Media, Music News, News with tags , , , , on Monday, August 17, 2009 by Nolan Levenson

Above you can listen to Brother Ali’s new track “Fresh Air” which was released today digitally. I gotta say, this may be the best hip hop track I’ve heard all year. The beat is simply amazing (although I am a HUGE Ant fan so I’m a little biased). I heard this track live at Soundset and then again at One Day in July in downtown Minneapolis and have been waiting to get this track for a while now. This track is getting me more PUMPED for Ali’s Us due out September 22nd. Make sure you catch Ali with Evidence and Toki Wright on tour this fall.

Purchase it here on itunes

Atmosphere / Brother Ali / Reef the Lost Cauze freestyle

Posted in Media, Video with tags , , , , on Sunday, August 9, 2009 by Nolan Levenson

So I had the pleasure of seeing Atmosphere oustide the TC at a show in Philadelphia in May on the “When God Give You Ugly Tour” with Brother Ali opening. At the end of the show they brought out Reef the Lost Cauze to freestyle over the “Smart Went Crazy” beat. Reef absolutely killed it and I’m happy I found this video, dropping tons of sweet Philly references (including Wawa!). Unfortunately the sound qualiy isn’t great, but it’s still enjoyable.

Brother Ali talks about new album and tour

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Today, Rhymesayers and Brother Ali announced Ali’s new album, entitled “Us” due out September 22nd. RSE and Ali are offering a special pre-order deal of $9.99 and the opportunity to win a free ipod touch loaded up by Ali himself with all of his work including the out of print Rights of Passage. The album artwork is below:


In addition, they announced the Fresh Air tour (click here for dates and the official announcement) featuring Ali, Evidence, Toki Wright, and BK-One, which my man Tim recently posted about. Tickets are on sale now as a special Fan Pre-Sale and will go on sale for the general public next week.


Be ready for the new album and get your tickets ASAP! I’ve heard 4 new tracks off the LP and they are all fantastic!

Atmosphere, Leak At Will (Free EP Download)

Posted in Audio, Downloads with tags , , , , , on Saturday, July 4, 2009 by Tim Althaus

leak at will front

Slug & Ant have decided to release another Free EP for you guys. The new EP, Leak At Will, is seven tracks long and is being put out to celebrate the new Fifth Element Online Store. All you have to do is add the EP to your cart for $0.00, check out and download the shit. Lets all hope that this one is as good as Strictly Leakage was (Leakage was better than When Life Gives You Lemons…). It’s good to see that Slug & Ant are back at it again having fun the only way that they know how, by dropping dope music. Follow me after the jump for tracklisting and download link. Continue reading

Wildstyle Wednesday Review: Brother Ali, Shadows On The Sun

Posted in Music Reviews, Wildstyle Wednesdays with tags , , , , on Wednesday, June 24, 2009 by Tim Althaus

Shadows_on_the_SunRhymesayers has been a stamp in Midwest Hip-Hop for as long as I remember. They also have their fair share of classics, but I’m almost positive that Brother Ali’s Shadows On The Sun is still the best album from their catalog to date. Brother Ali leaves the microphone murderously massacred on every single track on this album, and Ant’s production is nothing short of superbly stellar. I am a fan of everything that Ali has put out, but I really don’t think that any other album stands up to this one. There are so many different feels on this album, one track Ali will be spitting furiously, and the next track he’ll be having fun. If this album makes one thing clear, it’s that Brother Ali loves Hip-Hop, and Hip-Hop loves Brother Ali. Continue reading