Wild Style Wednesday Review: Clipse, Lord Willin’

lordwillin This album was my first introduction (as well as most other people) to the Brothers Thornton. I remember being in 10th grade riding around in my buddy Copus’s car listening to this album damn near every day. Since the album Lord Willin’, Clipse has been a duo known for their wicked, witty verses and sick ass Neptunes beats. To me it was really funny when they dropped Hell Hath No Fury because it seemed to me that nobody mentioned Lord Willin’. It was almost as if Lord Willin’ never even existed. In my opinion you couldn’t have put out a better label debut than Lord Willin’, this album is stacked with addictive top-notch beats and over the top lyricism filled with more metaphors and allusions about cocaine than you can imagine. Malice & Pusha are so good that they make cocaine sound interesting.

The most memorable track on this album, to me, is the introduction because this was one of the first times I heard an intro on an album and didn’t want to skip through it (I consider Clipse the kings of Introductions). From the intro on this album you know that Malice & Pusha get right down to business, Malice spits “I even went by the book at first/til’ I realized 9 to 5 wouldn’t quench my thirst..” and “…scouts honor started with my grand mama/who distributed Ye she had flown in from the Bahamas”. The Brothers Thornton paint hellacious haunting look into their home state of Virginia. Pusha Spits, “In Virginia we smirked at the Simpson trial/yeah, I guess the chase was wild but what’s the fuss about/plenty of my partners feelin’ like OJ/beat murder like the shit is ok/that’s what our door say”. The commercially friendly track “Grindin” is still a track that gets regular play by me, the beat on that song is nasty as hell and Malice & Pusha tear it apart. On the track “Cot Damn” you understand the demeanor of both Thornton Brothers with out a question. Malice raps, “You miss took me for a rapper huh?/well that makes me an actor because I would rather clap a gun”, and Pusha rhymes, “My verses heal like Curt Mayfield’s music/(Are you a pusha?) damn right, I treat ya nose to hook ya’/and only pull back to cook ya”. Malice & Pusha bring Fabolous along on the hilarious look into the wide world of cocaine in the track “Comedy Central”.

My favorite track on this album is “Gangsta Lean” which has a beautiful stringed out beat by The Neptunes, and one giant allusion to the beautiful plant known as marijuana. As you can expect, Pharell sings the hook and Malice & Pusha spit some dope rhymes about the “lady” that they truly love. Malice lets you know, “The cheeba got me in a slum sleepa/but when I try to leave her I just found out it’s cheaper to keep her”, Pusha as well “Look, you put me where I need to be/twist you anytime I feel the need/love your touch and how you put my mind at ease..”.

Overall this album is damn good, there are a couple tracks and interludes that I don’t care for but nothing major. Like I said previously, it’s depressing to hear people talk about Clipse without mentioning this album when talking about Hell Hath No Fury. I think that Lord Willin’ is pretty close to the level that Hell Hath No Fury is on. Every fan of Hip-Hop should own this album.

8.5 Crack Deals out of 10


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