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DJ Khalil Runs Us Through The Making of “Kind of a Big Deal”

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If you’ve been sleeping under a rock, it would make sense that you have no idea who DJ Khalil is. This guy have been making some of the craziest beats in the Hip-Hop game for the last few years. In this video with Hip Hop Official, Khalil takes us through the process that was implemented while making the Clipse track, “Kind of a Big Deal“. I love the fact that there are absolutely no samples in this track, don’t get me wrong I love sampling but I think it’s much cooler when producers chop live instrumentation. Everything in this video makes me have a greater appreciation for Kahlil’s talent, and this beat in general. (Side Note* I love how they play the beat for Evidence, “All Said & Done” in the video)


Cymarshall Law, “Kind of a Big Deal” (Freestyle)

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Here is Cymar’s take on the Brothers Thornton track “Kind of a Big Deal”. To be honest, I like this version more than the one that Clipse put out. Cymar is one of the dopest fire spitters that I’ve heard in quite some time. If you sleep on this guy you should be ashamed of yourself. You can also go over to and vote for Cymar’s video “King With 4 Wives” for the Best Freshmen Contest.

Download: Cymarshall Law, “Kind of a Big Deal” (Freestyle)

Clipse & The Cool Kids Go On Tour

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That’s right, your favorite pie chefs are going on tour with your favorite hipster biking emcees. All throughout the months of August and September you will be able to catch these two groups in select venues across the states. Although The Cool Kids & Clipse won’t be at First Ave, you will be able to catch Clipse there solo on August 14th. Follow me after the jump for the tour dates. Continue reading

Wild Style Wednesday Review: Clipse, Lord Willin’

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lordwillin This album was my first introduction (as well as most other people) to the Brothers Thornton. I remember being in 10th grade riding around in my buddy Copus’s car listening to this album damn near every day. Since the album Lord Willin’, Clipse has been a duo known for their wicked, witty verses and sick ass Neptunes beats. To me it was really funny when they dropped Hell Hath No Fury because it seemed to me that nobody mentioned Lord Willin’. It was almost as if Lord Willin’ never even existed. In my opinion you couldn’t have put out a better label debut than Lord Willin’, this album is stacked with addictive top-notch beats and over the top lyricism filled with more metaphors and allusions about cocaine than you can imagine. Malice & Pusha are so good that they make cocaine sound interesting. Continue reading

Vinnie Paz Comments on Upcoming Solo Debut

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This video was a breath of fresh air, seeing as I love to hear anything new about anything Jedi Mind affiliated. Apparently Vinnie Paz is working hard in the studio on his new album The Assassins Creed, and from the names he lists off it sounds like it’s going to be one hell of a project. You will hear Clipse, Freeway, Beanie Siegel, Jakk Frost, Demoz & the AOTP fam all spitting bars with Vinnie on this one. On the production side… Madlib, Lil’ Fame (of M.O.P.), Bronze Nazareth & 4th Disciple. Vinnie doesn’t mention anything about a release date but I can assure you that this is another album that I can’t wait for, not matter how long it takes to get on the shelves.

The Brothers Thornton are Down With Vimby

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Your favorite duo of brothers, Malice & Pusha (otherwise known as Clipse) sat down and talked to Vimby during their show at Webster Hall in New York. This is making me fiend for these guys album like the hard tan that they used to bake in the kitchen. According to the video interview, the new album is going to sound a lot like Lord Willin’ which is a great thing to me, because I think it was better than Hell Hath No Fury. It sounds like we are in store for a great album from the Thornton Brothers here real soon, stay posted for more news.

Apparently Clipse aren’t bullshittin’…

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brothers-thortonMalice & Pusha T aren’t kidding when they talk about birds, pies, or any coke reference for that matter. Apparently the ex-manager for Clipse has been indicted on charges of leading a $10 million drug ring. According to the article at HipHop DX, Anthony Gonzalez has been running the drug ring mostly out of his club Encore Lounge in Virginia.

The article goes on to say that Gonzalez has pushed over a ton of marijuana and one hundred pounds of cocaine since 2003. Even though his operation is out of Virginia, his operation has supposedly reached as far as South America. The indictment on the individuals involved claims that,  “the people that were involved put themselves in the position of music producers, rappers, entrepreneurs, club owners, clothing designers and other legitimate occupations to conceal their real identity”.

Gonzalez was the manager for the Brothers Thornton up until 2006. Clipse has still not publicly commented on the issue. They are currently managed by Steven Victor.

Clipse, Kanye West & DJ Khalil are “Kind of a Big Deal”

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clipse3 Here is a new one from the Thorton Brothers entitled “Kind of a Big Deal”. It is produced by DJ Kahlil and features none other than Kanye West. Despite my bias towards Kanye, I would have to say that he spits the best verse on this track. The beat that DJ Khalil puts down is ridiculous, and this track serves as a great opening to Til’ the Casket Drops.

Make sure you check out Malice, Pusha T & Kanye on the track because this one is pretty damn hot. I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t wait for Til’ the Casket Drops.

Download: Clipse “Kind of a Big Deal” (Featuring Kanye West) (Produced by DJ Khalil)

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Clipse & Rick Rubin “Cooking Up” Classics

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149402clipserubin525 It looks as though your favorite Cocaine Cowboys and one of the most legendary music makers of our time are “cooking up” some classic material. Clipse & Rick Rubin have been in the studio recording material for Clipse’s new album Til the Casket Drops which is due out sometime in the summer. According to the article that I read on Pitchfork, they have finished one track and they will be recording one or two more tracks together in the studio. I can’t even imagine what the outcome of this collaboration is going to be, both Rubin & Clipse are at the top of their game.

The first single off Til the Casket Drops, “Kinda Like a Big Deal”, will be dropping on March 9th and it features Kanye West and DJ Khalil (who did one of the best beats on the Weatherman LP, “All Said and Done“). Til the Casket Drops, like many other albums, is going to be one of the highlights this year. Make sure you stay tuned to Mind Inversion for updates on the album.