P.O.S. on Cinemax, Max Tour Stories

The people at Cinemax caught up with Stef at this year’s Soundset Festival in Shakopee and got some good footage. In the first part of the video Stef talks about the name “P.O.S.” and what it could be an acronym for, and how he got the name. He also talks about the roots of his influence and the nature of his beats. It’s great to know that guys like Stef take a lot of influence from their fans, because those are the best kinds of artists. In part 2 of the video P.O.S. discusses what he feels like when he’s on stage, what it was like growing up in Minneapolis without a major label and why he makes music that sounds different than your regular boom bap Hip-Hop. Follow me after the jump to catch part 2.


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